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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Droughts Worldwide May Have an Effect on American Dinner Plates

Prophecy Sign:  Increasing drought conditions world-wide

Always an effective judgement of God, droughts will continue to be so up to and through the coming Tribulation period.

I will lay waste the mountains and hills and dry up all their vegetation; I will turn rivers into islands and dry up the pools. Isaiah 42:15 NIV

Droughts Worldwide May Have an Effect on American Dinner Plates
It’s been a long, cold and wet winter in parts of the United States. But in many parts of the world, from California to Southeast Asia, the land is parched from growing and persistent droughts. And that spells higher prices for many foods Americans put on the table during every meal.
From the American consumer's perspective, the good news is the drought will almost certainly not cause a food shortage, according to Richard Volpe, a research economist with the food markets branch at the U.S. Department of Agriculture in Washington. "We are a highly developed nation, highly industrialized, and our international trade relations in terms of agriculture are very strong and very adaptable," he told NBC News. "So food availability is not really a concern."

Drought now affecting two thirds of Texas
The Lone Star State can't seem to stay out of the heat. In a new drought report by the Texas Water Development Board, the state saw worsening conditions that now affect two thirds of Texas. About 25 percent of the state is suffering under "extreme" or "worse" drought conditions and two-thirds of Texas suffers from "moderate" or "worse" drought conditions. Just four months ago, 46 percent of the state was dry enough to qualify as undergoing at least a "moderate" drought. The percent has risen to 67 percent today.

Looming Drought in Syria Puts Millions at Risk
The World Food Program is warning a looming drought in conflict-ridden Syria could put millions of lives at risk.  A special WFP report published Tuesday focuses on the likely impact of a potential drought. Syria suffered a severe drought in 2008, which persisted into 2010.  Vulnerable communities in affected areas of the country barely had a chance to recover from food shortages and rising prices arising from this event before it was plunged into war in 2011. The World Food Program warns the potential impact of a looming drought hitting the northwest of Syria could seriously affect the next cereal harvest.  It says 6.5 million people could be at risk of acute food shortages and they will need international aid to survive.

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