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Friday, March 7, 2014

Netanyahu says he is prepared to make 'a historic peace' with Palestinians

Prophecy Sign:  The future seven year covenant of peace

We like to keep you updated on the ongoing Israeli/Palestinian peace talks.  Today's reports suggest that Israel Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu,  is prepared to make a 'historic peace' accord with the Palestinians, but not at the compromise of Israel's security.  Meanwhile it may appear that US President, Barack Obama, may have thrown a monkey wrench into the gears and sabotaged John Kerry's efforts to secure a framework agreement.  Obama, after promising not to pressure Israel on the matter, instead heaped further pressure by calling our Netanyahu to make a decision now, (as he said, "if not now, when?").

The region is no closer to a deal than it was when this whole process first began last fall; which could spell future trouble, (eg war).

You boast, "We have entered into a covenant with death, with the realm of the dead we have made an agreement. When an overwhelming scourge sweeps by, it cannot touch us, for we have made a lie our refuge and falsehood our hiding place. Isaiah 28:15 NIV

Netanyahu says he is prepared to make 'a historic peace' with Palestinians
A Palestinian peace deal could open up economic growth across the Middle East, Binyamin Netanyahu told US supporters on Tuesday, but is still held back by security concerns and a lack of recognition of Israel as a Jewish state. In the most upbeat of recent comments during his trip to Washington, the Israeli prime minister highlighted the potential regional benefits of the US-led peace process, even while making it clear he believed significant hurdles remain. “I am prepared to make a historic peace with our Palestinian leaders,” he told the American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s annual conference in Washington“Peace would be good for us and good for the Palestinians but also open up the possibility of achieving better ties with other countries,” he added. “Many Arab leaders already realise that Israel is not their enemy but peace would turn this into an open and trusting relationship.”

Netanyahu Promotes Efforts Toward a Peace Deal
A day after meeting with President Obama, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel on Tuesday made an uncharacteristically enthusiastic pitch for a peace accord with the Palestinians, saying it would enable Israel to tighten ties with its Arab neighbors and “catapult the region forward” on issues like health, energy and education. “We could better the lives of hundreds of millions,” Mr. Netanyahu said in a speech to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the powerful pro-Israel lobbying group, commonly known as Aipac. “We all have so much to gain from peace.”

At White House, Israel's Netanyahu pushes back against Obama diplomacy
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu bluntly told Barack Obama on Monday that he would never compromise on Israel's security even as the U.S. president sought to reassure him on Iran nuclear diplomacy and pressure him on Middle East peace talks. In a White House meeting overshadowed by the Ukraine crisis, the two leaders avoided any direct clash during a brief press appearance but were unable to paper over differences on a pair of sensitive diplomatic drives that have stoked tensions between them. Obama assured Netanyahu of his "absolute commitment" to preventing Iran from developing atomic weapons, despite the Israeli leader's deep skepticism over U.S.-led efforts to reach a final international deal to curb Tehran's nuclear program. But, warning that time was running out, Obama also urged Netanyahu to make "tough decisions" to help salvage a faltering U.S.-brokered peace process aimed at reaching a framework agreement with the Palestinians and extending talks beyond an April target date for an elusive final accord.

Report: Obama and Kerry At Odds Over Israel
U.S. President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry are at odds over Israel, NRG/Maariv reported on Wednesday. According to the report, the reason for the tension is Obama’s remarks in the interview this week with Jeffrey Goldberg, which Kerry saw as being too critical of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.
According to NRG/Maariv, Kerry’s associates said that Obama’s comments sabotaged Kerry’s efforts to secure peace between Israel and the PA. Two sources, one in Washington and one in Jerusalem, told the Israeli daily that the White House did not inform Kerry in advance that the interview was taking place. "Obama’s interview, done without Kerry’s knowledge and which personally attacked Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, undermines Kerry’s efforts," said one source.

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