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Monday, March 10, 2014

Headlines from the past weekend and from today, (March 10'14)

Sorry, no time to put the following headlines into prophetic context, but at least we can provided you with some of the news links we saw over the weekend and for today.  Over the next week when time permits we may post similar blog entries.  Please check back.

We also want to thank everyone that frequents our prophecy site, as we have reached nearly 500,000 visits since we started this blog site four years ago this past February.  God has blessed our modest site, and we pray that the information presented has helped you to understand last days bible prophecy.

Famines and Food Shortages, (Luke 21:11, Revelation 6:8)

UN warns world must produce 60% more food by 2050 to avoid mass unrest

The Temple Mount, (Revelation 11:1-2)

Is the Temple Mount in our Hands?

The ultimate red line

Palestinians Complain to UN Over Jews on Temple Mount

Covenant/Peace Agreement, (Daniel 9:27)

Arab FMs reject Jewish state recognition demand

Abbas: No recognition of Israel as Jewish state

Abbas: 5 Million 'Refugees' Must be Allowed into Israel

US State Department: Recognition of 'Jewish state' not a precondition to peace talks

'1967 Lines' Are a 'Red Line'

Ariel: No Jew Will be Uprooted from Judea and Samaria

Economic Collapse, (James 5, Revelation 18)

Global Debt Exceeds $100 Trillion as Governments Binge, BIS Says

20 Facts About The Great U.S. Retail Apocalypse That Will Blow Your Mind

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