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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

China and Japan on the brink of Third World War

Prophecy Sign:  Rumours of Wars

China and Russia have each others backs, or so it would seem.  Both stood on the same side-lines in support of the Assad regime in Syria as the world rushed to push out Bashar al-Assad in support of a dubious bunch of rebel forces.  Now China is standing with Russia in support of Russia's invasion of Ukraine.  Could we expect that Russian would back the Chinese if the red dragon decides to go to war with Japan?  We think that would be a very safe bet. 

While the world is focused on Russia's little swaray into Crimea, and continues to focus on Iran and the Middle-East, let's not forget about Asia where some observers believe the region could ignite the spark that initiates World War 3.  Whether it be North Korea vs the South, China and Japan, or India and Pakistan, the region of Asia is sitting on bubbling geo-political hot spots that could burst into flame at any moment.  By definition, this would be considered, "rumours of war"

When you hear of wars and rumors of wars, do not be alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come. Mark 13:7 NIV

China and Japan on the brink of Third World War
While vast swathes of the Middle East are embroiled in conflict and Ukraine teeters on the brink, many believe the real flashpoint for war is between China and Japan. As China flexes its military might, with huge increases in defence spending and increasingly assertive patrols in disputed territories, Japan has compared the tensions to those between England and Germany before the First World War. So far it has been a war of words. However, historian Niall Ferguson has warned that US President Barack Obama’s policy of non-intervention, or, as he puts it, his being “resolved only to avoid being George W Bush”, also resembles the incoherent foreign policies of British Liberals a century ago before the First World War. Against this background, a dispute over five uninhabited islands and three barren rocks looks increasingly dangerous.

Russia And China 'In Agreement' Over Ukraine
Russia has said China is largely "in agreement" over Ukraine, after other world powers condemned Moscow for sending troops into the country. Speaking at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva later, Mr Lavrov said Russian troops were necessary in Ukraine "until the normalisation of the political situation" and dismissed threats of sanctions and boycotts. He added: "We call for a responsible approach, to put aside geopolitical calculations, and above all to put the interests of the Ukrainian people first." Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Qin Gang said: "China has always upheld the principles of diplomacy and the fundamental norms of international relations. "At the same time we also take into consideration the history and the current complexities of the Ukrainian issue."

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