Public Schools Are Preparing America’s Children For Life In A Police State

Prophecy Sign:  The global surveillance/police state

Can you imagine a society that locks down its schools like some sort of prison system?  Where students and visitors are frisked and passed through metal detectors to gain entry?  This sounds like something that would exist in a third world totalitarian police state.  But no, it's beginning to take shape in the land of the free and the home of the brave.  At the same time, all across the globe the spying on all citizens is the defacto go-to policy for all governments in the quest to make us all feel safer.  Just how safe can one feel when we read that a government agency in charge of state security has just bought enough ammunition to outfit each of its officers with 2,500 rounds each?  Are they going to war, or what? More importantly, with who?

It was given power to wage war against God's holy people and to conquer them. And it was given authority over every tribe, people, language and nation. Revelation 13:7 NIV

Public Schools Are Preparing America’s Children For Life In A Police State
Our children are the future of America, and our public schools are systematically training them to become accustomed to living in a “Big Brother” police state.  All across the United States today, public schools have essentially become “prison grids” that are run by control freaks that are absolutely obsessed with micromanaging the lives of their students down to the smallest detail.

Public Schools Starting To Resemble The Federal Prison System
America’s public schools have begun to resemble modern prison systems. Though they are not surrounded by barbed wire fences and armed guard towers, the level of systematic control within the classroom has reached new levels. Parents have begun voicing their opinions to the latest ‘corrections facility’ type learning environment. Though many parents feel that surveillance and control of the students is a good thing, others are viewing it as a type of totalitarian control or police state that is ultimately overstepping the educators or governments role in a child’s life. Regardless of opinion, parents can agree that safety in the classroom is as important as a quality education. Unfortunately, where parents once argued school curriculums are now debating if RFID chips are necessary to track students, and if parents themselves are threats to their own children. Many schools across the country are aiming to make security similar to what could be found in a prison, promoting control and obedience. 

Snowden: NSA can track hidden online presence
Edward Snowden warns in a new TV interview that the National Security Agency can track people no matter how well they hide their online presence. “The public has a right to know that, which the government is doing in its name,” Snowden said. “Anywhere you try and hide your online presence, the NSA can find you.” German broadcaster NDR recently interviewed Snowden at a secret location in Moscow.  The conversation aired on Monday evening on SBS ONE in Australia.  “The government has decided it’s a good idea to collect it all, everything, even if you’ve never been suspected of any crime.” 

EU plan allows foreign countries to monitor UK bank accounts, phones, and more
The European Union (EU) is set to debate the little-mentioned European Investigation Order (EIO) next Tuesday, a measure which would purportedly combat cross-border crime by allowing EU countries to issue requests for evidence held in other Member States. The EIO will allow EU countries to monitor bank accounts and tap phone conversations of British citizens who are suspected of crimes committed in foreign jurisdictions. It would also enable covert surveillance and financial investigation. Critics argue that the EIO represents a fundamental threat to the rule of law and the national sovereignty of Member States.

DHS Contracted To Purchase 704 Million Rounds of Ammo Over Next 4 Years: 2,500 Rounds Per Officer 
The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is contracted to purchase 704,390,250 rounds of ammunition over the next four years, which is equal to a total of about 2,500 rounds per DHS agent, according to a January 2014 Government Accountability Office (GAO) report entitled Ammunition Purchases Have Declined Since 2009. “If DHS were to purchase all 704 million rounds over the next four years, and if they were used by 70,000 DHS agents and officers, it would be roughly 2,500 rounds per agent per year,” David Maurer, author of the GAO report, told

At Newark Airport, the Lights Are On, and They’re Watching You


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