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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

University bans sombreros as 'racist' costume

Prophecy Sign:  Evil for good and good for evil - a society turned upside down

We haven't posted a blog entry in quite some time where we have highlight the complete departure of common sense and its replacement with political correctness.  But that doesn't mean that the world has in any way wised up.  Quite the contrary, seems it's a race to the bottom to see just which jurisdiction and/or nation can become the "numero uno" king, (opps....queen as well...mustn't offend anyone), of tolerance and correctness.

Children are being chastised for drawing the wrong type of picture or wearing the wrong look of costume for Halloween.  Feature films are now being rated for their lack of gender bias so the possibly offended will know they won't have to be offended.  Parents are threaten with having their 'social media discussions' policed because they have the audacity of questioning the morality of a fully male teenager, (thinks he a she), using the same washroom their teenage daughters must use.  And to top it off, schools are banning little children from touching each other because they might suffer a boo-boo during play time in the school yard.

HAS THIS WORLD GONE NUTS???  It seems the world is flipping upside down as what use to be considered right being now wrong and what was a given to be wrong is now simply just another alternative lifestyle. Common sense is going by the wayside, and anybody that says anything against the new paradigm is considered an intolerant racist.

Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter. Isaiah 5:20 NIV

University bans sombreros as 'racist' costume
University students have been banned from going to fancy dress parties dressed in sombreros and as members of the YMCA after they were branded racist. The University of Birmingham guild of students has banned a number of fancy dress costumes as part of a crack down on what it claims is “discriminatory behaviour”. The decision has left students threatening to boycott the guild after many were turned away for dressing as Mexicans or fictional characters or told to change their costumes.

Boy dressed up like Jesus Christ temporarily kicked out of school
Jesus rose up and walked...straight to the principal’s office. An Illinois teen was pulled out of class for wearing a Jesus costume for Halloween. 17-year-old Marshon Sanders stepped into Highland Park High School Thursday morning wearing a white toga, red sash, sandals, a giant cross necklace and a crown of thorns. “He nailed it,” proud mom Angenetta Frison told The News.  But Sanders’ seventh heaven lasted just 15 minutes into first period. He was taken down to the dean’s office and asked to remove his crown, his crucifix and then his entire costume. According to the school’s Halloween dress code policy, students are prohibited from wearing costumes that portray a “religious stereotype.” 

8-year-old threatened with expulsion for soldier, ninja drawings
An Arizona couple pulled their two children out of a Scottsdale elementary school last week after the headmaster threatened to expel their 8-year-old for drawing “highly disturbing” pictures of a soldier, a ninja and a “Star Wars” character. Each of the drawings, meant to be possibilities for the  boy’s Halloween costume, show the character holding either a gun or a knife, CBS 5 in Arizona reported. “In this situation, it’s actually the principal of the school who bullied the parents — so much that we couldn’t even be safe in that environment,” the boy’s father, Jeff, told the station, which did not disclose the family’s last name. 

B.C. school bans kindergarteners from touching each other
A Langley elementary school has banned kindergarten students from touching each other at recess, a policy some parents think is both unnecessary and unworkable. Mom Julie Chen said she was shocked when she received a letter sent home with Coghlan Fundamental Elementary students on Friday outlining the new hands-off rule. “I can’t imagine little kids not being able to hug each other or help each other on the playground,” Chen told CTV News. “No tag, no hugging, no touching at all.”  The letter blames the ban on playground injuries that have resulted from games and other forms of hands-on play during recess.

Swedish cinemas take aim at gender bias with Bechdel test rating
You expect movie ratings to tell you whether a film contains nudity, sex, profanity or violence. Now cinemas in Sweden are introducing a new rating to highlight gender bias, or rather the absence of it. To get an A rating, a movie must pass the so-called Bechdel test, which means it must have at least two named female characters who talk to each other about something other than a man. "The entire Lord of the Rings trilogy, all Star Wars movies, The Social Network, Pulp Fiction and all but one of the Harry Potter movies fail this test," said Ellen Tejle, the director of Bio Rio, an art-house cinema in Stockholm's trendy S√∂dermalm district.

Families Threatened With Police “Monitoring” Over Transgender Complaints
Parents who complained over a boy who identifies as transgender being allowed to use the same public bathroom as their daughters at a Colorado high school have been threatened with police “monitoring” of their social media discussions. As we reported last month, parents of daughters attending Florence High School said they were threatened with hate crimes charges when they complained on behalf of their daughters over a boy who identifies as transgender being allowed to use the female bathroom. According to the Pacific Justice Institute, a conservative civil liberties organization, the school is now threatening families that their social media conversations about the issue are being monitored by police.

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