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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Hospital bills man for rectal search he was forced to undergo by police

Prophecy Sign:  The coming, (or already there), Police state, (Revelation 13:7)

It's a slow news day, so we though we would feature a few of the more egregious police state news reports we've seen in the last several days. From forcible cavity searches, (and more), preformed on an innocent victim, to locking up some poor working-stiff for a month all the while ignoring irrefutable proof of the accused's innocence,  to jailing people and stripping them naked for such innocuous crimes as failure to return a library book or failure to pay a fine on time, to pulling over and searching vehicles just because the vehicle fits a certain profile, (is there no requirements for probably cause before a search anymore?)  Many police forces are becoming more and more authoritarian and downright frightening in their total disregard for common sense and decency.

As we quickly approach the end of the age of grace and move towards the dark days of the coming Tribulation we should expect to see more and more of these types of news reports.  Much like Nazi Germany prior to the Holocaust, populations will need to be acclimatized to an increasingly authoritarian police state prior to the coming of yet another holocaust when countless numbers of Christ followers, (Tribulation Saints), will be martyred for the faith and for their refusal to accept the Antichrist as God.

Hospital bills man for rectal search he was forced to undergo by police
A minor traffic stop went nightmarishly wrong for a New Mexico man who was detained by police and forced to undergo a series of anal probes and other medical examinations against his will. David Eckert had just finished shopping at Walmart in Deming, New Mexico when an officer pulled him over for failing to make a complete stop at a stop sign. According to the local KOB TV station, federal documents claim that police noticed Eckert clenching his buttocks when they asked him to step outside of the car, indicating that he may have been carrying drugs in his anal cavity.

Man locked up in jail for one month despite having video evidence of innocence
A Pennsylvania security guard spent a month in jail for a crime he didn’t commit after local police ignored evidence proving he was innocent. The charges have now been dropped, but only after the Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office reviewed the case. DeAndre Brown, 26, was arrested for allegedly robbing a local bakery while armed, and faced between five to 10 years in prison. However, Brown, a security guard at the Homewood branch of the Carnegie Library, told police at the time of his arrest that he couldn’t have possibly committed the crime. He said he was attending a training session in Oakland, PA when the robbery occurred. In addition to simply claiming he had an alibi, Brown also said he could provide security video footage of him arriving and leaving the training session, a sign-in sheet with his name on it, and a witness to verify his claim.

Texas man arrested and jailed for overdue library book
Failing to return a library book often results in a fine, but it landed one Texas man behind bars. On Wednesday, Jory Enck was booked into jail, and later released, because he had failed to return an overdue book to the Copperas Cove city library. He has had a GED study guide checked out since 2010. According to a controversial city ordinance, residents who fail to respond to calls or emails concerning overdue library materials for more than 90 days are reported to the municipal court, which can then issue an arrest warrant.

Texas woman strip-searched and put to jail for overdue ticket
A Richland Hills, TX woman was arrested, forced to strip down for a search, and jailed because she failed to pay a traffic ticket on time. In August, Sarah Boaz was cited for running a stop sign, only to lose the ticket shortly afterwards. Two months later, the Richland Hills City Marshal was waiting for her at home with handcuffs. Boaz acknowledged that it was wrong for her to wait so long to pay the ticket, but expressed frustration over what happened next: She was cuffed by the marshal, taken to jail, and told to remove her clothing for a search by a female police officer.

Drivers: Officers profiling specific cars for searches
A Channel 2 Action News investigation has uncovered a new kind of profiling that could leave you sitting on the side of the road while officers search your car. Four families, an attorney, and even an officer told investigative reporter Jodie Fleischer that officers are violating drivers' rights based on the type of cars they drive. 
In all three of the above cases, police found nothing during the search. All of the drivers filed police department complaints. All were driving Dodge Chargers. "I had never heard of car profiling, not until now," Williamson said.

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