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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Geneva fallout: Iran becomes a nuclear power, followed by Saudis. Israel loses trust in Obama

Prophecy Sign:  The coming prophetic Middle-East wars - Iran, (Persia) Ezekiel 38/39 

It would appear that the negotiations with Iran are coming to close with the much of the world lining up behind Iran. One of the only exceptions being that of Israel who now stand alone against an enemy that has made no bones about its intent to eventually eradicate the Jewish nation. In a seemingly bizarre twist, even while America under the Obama administration backs away from standing alongside Israel, the nation of Saudi Arabia, who being Sunni and hate the Shiite's of Iran, may have much in common with Israel. The Saudis have made arrangement with Pakistan to acquire nuclear weapons in the event it needs to go toe to toe with it's Islamic rival. Thus the old adage of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" may come to play in the region as both Israel and the Saudis look towards Iran.

By waffling and allowing Iran to pretty much achieve all its nuclear goals, the Obama administration has made the Middle-East situation far more perilous and closer to a major and epic war.  Some would say a world war 3 scenario.  One of the very first events to open the 7 years of Tribulation is that of war:

When the Lamb opened the second seal, I heard the second living creature say, “Come!” Then another horse came out, a fiery red one. Its rider was given power to take peace from the earth and to make people kill each other. To him was given a large sword. Revelation 6:3-4 NIV

Geneva fallout: Iran becomes a nuclear power, followed by Saudis. Israel loses trust in Obama
Israel’s most painful lesson from the two-day Geneva conference on Iran’s nuclear program is that the man who guaranteed to defend Israel’s security, President Barack Obama, is now marching hand in hand with Tehran towards a nuclear-armed Iran. This is the reality behind the fuss and excitement surrounding the signing ceremony in Geneva Friday, Nov. 8, and the slick words gushing forth to put a convincing face on the interim deal put together between Iran and the Six Powers Thursday and Friday. 
The interim agreement, said Netanyahu, buries the possibility of a peaceful final accord for dismantling Iran's nuclear program once and for all. “Israel is not obliged by this agreement and will do everything it needs to do to defend itself and defend the security of its people,” he said.
His words carried two messages:
1. Israel has abandoned its trust in Barack Obama ever complying with his pledge to its security and will henceforth act on its own.
2. Israel’s only remaining course now is to exercise its military option against Iran’s nuclear capability – whether openly or covertly.

Iran demands right to expand nuclear program
Despite a softening tone from Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on the regime’s illicit nuclear program, the Islamic Republic is hardening its position on the right to enrich uranium. An analysis by Fars News Agency, the Revolutionary Guards’ media outlet, said that Iran not only has the right to continue its nuclear program but to expand it dramatically to fulfill its needs. The recent analysis comes as the second round of talks between Iran and the world 5+1 powers is to take place on Nov. 7-8. The regime’s supreme leader said on Sunday that he is not optimistic about those negotiations and called America the most hated power in the world. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei also restated the regime’s view of Israel: “We have said since the very first day (of the Islamic Revolution), and we do say it now and we will say it in the future as well, that we believe the Zionist regime is an illegitimate and bastard regime.” 

Major Israel-US rift over Washington plan to let Tehran continue enriching uranium with sanctions relief
Israel announced early Thursday, Nov. 7, that it is utterly opposed to the new proposal for Iran’s nuclear program which  the United States plans to put before the two-day Geneva conference beginning later today. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, when he met US Secretary of State John Kerry in Jerusalem Wednesday night, bitterly accused the Obama administration of yielding to the Russian-backed Iranian position. Should Tehran renege on the deal, the US proposal leaves it with the capacity for enriching enough weapons-grade uranium in 10 days to build several nuclear weapons. This US proposal calls for Iran to halt enrichment of uranium up to 20-percent grade (a short jump to weapons-grade) and slow construction on the Arak heavy water plant for plutonium production. In return, the US offers a start on selective sanctions relief. This proposal is likely to be approved by the six powers at the Geneva conference.

Netanyahu: Geneva offer to Iran is a ‘historic mistake’
Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday described a reported Western offer to Iran — of “limited” sanctions relief in response to an Iranian agreement to start scaling back nuclear activities — as a “historic mistake.” Addressing Israeli and Diaspora leaders in Jerusalem as a new round of talks on Iran’s rogue nuclear program got under way in Geneva, Netanyahu said, the proposals “on the table in Geneva” would “ease the pressure on Iran in return for ‘concessions’ that aren’t concessions at all.” He said Israel completely oppose these proposals, which would leave Iran with a capacity to build nuclear weapons. “I believe that adopting [these proposals] would be a mistake of historic proportions. They must be rejected outright,” he added.

Saudi nuclear weapons 'on order' from Pakistan
Saudi Arabia has invested in Pakistani nuclear weapons projects, and believes it could obtain atomic bombs at will, a variety of sources have told BBC Newsnight. While the kingdom's quest has often been set in the context of countering Iran's atomic programme, it is now possible that the Saudis might be able to deploy such devices more quickly than the Islamic republic. Earlier this year, a senior Nato decision maker told me that he had seen intelligence reporting that nuclear weapons made in Pakistan on behalf of Saudi Arabia are now sitting ready for delivery. Last month Amos Yadlin, a former head of Israeli military intelligence, told a conference in Sweden that if Iran got the bomb, "the Saudis will not wait one month. They already paid for the bomb, they will go to Pakistan and bring what they need to bring."

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