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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Customers caught on cameras: Minority Report-style eyeball scanners to identify shoppers in UK

Prophecy Sign:  The global surveillance state

Everybody from the FBI to your local department store have their camera's on you.  Whether to identify you as a potential threat or to assess what kind of product to sell you, video recognition technology is all the rage these days.

Just another in a long list of examples of the ongoing construct of the surveillance state that will be ever present and almost omnipresent in it's totality.  A system we expect will be a key tool for the future Antichrist to rule and reign over the world, (Revelation 13:7).

Customers caught on cameras: Minority Report-style eyeball scanners to identify shoppers in UK
Face-scanners equipped with a hidden camera have been installed in 450 Tesco petrol stations in the UK to spy on supermarket shoppers and promptly target them with personalized ads. Almost as in the Tom Cruise sci-fi blockbuster, Minority Report, where eyeball scanners were used to identify people, the OptimEyes screens are fitted with a camera that scans queuing customers. After the device detects their age and sex, it chooses which ads to play in 100-second loops. For instance, energy drinks could be promoted to young customers in morning 10-second ad spots, or beauty items, should the cameras spot some ladies waiting to pay. Chief executive of Amscreen, which developed the hi-tech technology, says secret cameras won't intrude into people's privacy, though. 

FBI seeks video recognition technology to automatically ID suspects
The FBI is weighing the use of video recognition technology to quickly identify suspects, even if all the camera has captured is a perpetrator’s limp or fraying blue baseball cap. Think of it as automated police lineups for the YouTube generation. While investigators manually scoured video to identify the suspected Boston Marathon bombers, smart-video surveillance would scan crime scene footage against tapes of known people, places and objects to derive names and possible whereabouts.

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