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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Braced for imminent nuclear accord with Iran, US pulls away from military option, IDF stays on the ready

Prophecy Sign:  The coming prophetic Middle-East wars - Iran, (Persia) - Ezekiel 38/39

We continue to watch the events transpiring between Iran and the nations negotiating with the Iranian regime over its nuclear program.  Seems the nations are preparing an accord with Iran which will allow the Iranians to keep much of its present program.  This will then leave Israel on the outs with the remainder of the world in its assessment of Iran as a major threat.  Will this then mean Israel will then go it alone in launching a military strike against the Iranian nuclear program?  Would such an attack be the match that sets the whole region ablaze in war?  Stayed tuned.

Braced for imminent nuclear accord with Iran, US pulls away from military option, IDF stays on the ready
Israel’s high command, working on the assumption that an American-Iranian nuclear accord is near its final stage, plans to keep in place advanced preparations for a unilateral military strike on Iran’s nuclear program into 2014 – hence the IDF’s request for a supplemental NIS3.5bn (app. $1bn) defense budget this week.
DEBKAfile’s military sources report exclusively that the main body of the accord is essentially complete.
All the same, President Barack Obama plans to announce before Christmas that only partial agreement has been achieved and negotiations will continue. He will be cagey in public – partly because not all parts of the accord have been finalized, although the pace of US-Iranian negotiations have been accelerated, and partly to avoid coming clean on the full scope of the deal with Tehran.

Bolton: Israel must make 'fateful decision' on Iran strike
Israel does not have much time to make a “fateful decision” about whether to strike Iran’s nuclear sites, former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton said Sunday in a radio interview. “Israel, I think, now faces the fateful decision whether it will allow Iran to get nuclear weapons, thus constituting a true existential threat to Israel,” he said. “Or whether they will strike as the Israelis have done twice before against nuclear programs in the hands of hostile states,” Bolton told WABC Radio’s Aaron Klein. “I don’t think Israel has much time,” Bolton continued. “Frankly, they should have done this years ago because we all know intelligence is imperfect and Iran may have a more developed capacity than we know about, perhaps in cooperation with North Korea.” 

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