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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

NSA stores data to target any citizen at any time - Greenwald

Prophecy Sign:  The global surveillance/police state

Oh the good ole NS of A, (National Security Agency).  Doing it's level best to spy on every citizen of America and apparently on nearly every one else in the world who happens to make cell phone calls and has access to the internet.  And what does the NSA do with all this metadata??  Why hang on to it forever in the event it needs the data to target a citizen in the future.  Oh, doesn't that make you feel safer just thinking about it?  If that's not the definition of Orwellian we don't know what is!!  Goodness, even the Pope and the Vatican is not immune to the ongoing eavesdropping operations, (article below).

We keep warning, the every expanding and intrusive surveillance state that is being constructed globally will be used by the future "man of sin", (Antichrist), to gain authority over every citizen on planet Earth. You just don't go around beheading millions throughout the world without first building a totalitarian police state.

It was given power to wage war against God's holy people and to conquer them. And it was given authority over every tribe, people, language and nation. Revelation 13:7 NIV

NSA stores data to target any citizen at any time - Greenwald
The current revelations on the NSA’s spying are just the tip of the iceberg and affect “almost every country in the world,” said Glenn Greenwald. He stressed the NSA stores data for “as long as it can,” so they can target a citizen whenever they want. Glenn Greenwald, the man behind the reports on the NSA global spy program, spoke to El Mundo journalist German Aranda and stressed that the US espionage activities went much further than just Europe. "There are a lot of countries, and journalists in a lot of different countries, who have been asking for stories and to work on documents for a long time," Greenwald said. He added that he was working as fast as possible to “make sure that all of these documents get reported in every single country there are documents for, which is most countries in the world.” Shedding light on the NSA’s motives in compiling metadata on citizens, he said the spy organization’s main aim was to store the information to be able to dip into it whenever necessary. "The very clear objective of the NSA is not just to collect all this, but to keep it for as long as they can," said Greenwald. 

US 'spied on future Pope Francis during Vatican conclave'
The National Security Agency spied on the future Pope Francis before and during the Vatican conclave at which he was chosen to succeed Benedict XVI, it was claimed on Wednesday. The American spy agency monitored telephone calls made to and from the residence in Rome where the then Archbishop Jorge Mario Bergoglio stayed during the conclave, the secret election at which cardinals chose him as pontiff on March 13.
The claims were made by Panorama, an Italian weekly news magazine, which said that the NSA monitored the telephone calls of many bishops and cardinals at the Vatican in the lead-up to the conclave, which was held amid tight security in the Sistine Chapel. The information gleaned was then reportedly divided into four categories — “leadership intentions”, “threats to financial system”, “foreign policy objectives” and “human rights”. At that time, Benedict XVI was Pope, suggesting that the Vatican may also have been monitored during the last few weeks of his papacy.

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