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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Islamic militants slaughter 50 sleeping college students in Nigeria

Prophecy Sign:  Increasing violence, (terrorism)

International Terrorism Incidents (data Wikipedia)

The chart above says a whole lot does it not?  And the statistics do not include the first handful of years in this decade, (2010-2013).  There are so many incidents of mass deaths due to terrorism and sectarian fighting that most news reports of these horrible events are buried in the back pages of most newspapers around the world, (no longer front page news).  And the sad thing, is that these events will continue to grow in number with the death toll from the carnage piling up.  Bible prophecy warns that the last days will be filled with not only nations rising against nations in war, but ethnic infighting as well.

Then he said to them: Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom, (Greek: ethnos=race), against kingdom. Luke 21:10 NIV

Islamic militants slaughter 50 sleeping college students in Nigeria
Suspected Islamic extremists attacked an agricultural college in the dead of night, gunning down dozens of students as they slept in dormitories and torching classrooms, the school's provost said, reporting the latest violence in northeastern Nigeria's ongoing Islamic uprising. As many as 50 students may have been killed in the assault that began at about 1 a.m. Sunday in rural Gujba, Provost Molima Idi Mato of Yobe State College of Agriculture, told The Associated Press. "They attacked our students while they were sleeping in their hostels, they opened fire at them," he said. He said he could not give an exact death toll as security forces still are recovering bodies of students mostly aged between 18 and 22.
Pakistan explosion: Dozens killed in Peshawar market
An explosion has ripped through a market in the north-western Pakistani city of Peshawar, leaving at least 33 dead and dozens wounded, officials say. Police said a bomb had exploded in the Kissa Khwani market, with shops and vehicles set alight. The blast comes a week after a double suicide bombing that killed at least 80 people at a church in the city. On Friday, at least 17 people were killed in the bombing of a bus carrying government employees near Peshawar. Peshawar, the main city of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, has been hit by numerous bomb and gun attacks blamed on Taliban insurgents in recent years.

Dozens killed in Baghdad car bombings
At least 42 people have been killed and over a hundred injured in a series of car bomb explosions across Iraq’s Baghdad Province. Iraqi security and medical officials said that the Monday blasts struck several Shia-majority areas of the Iraqi capital Baghdad. The deadliest attack occurred in the Sadr City area of north Baghdad, where a blast claimed the lives of at least a dozen people, including two soldiers. The bombings came a day after a bomber attacked mourners at a mosque south of Baghdad, killing at least 27 people. 

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