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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

‘Iran two weeks away from weapons-grade uranium’

Prophecy Sign:  The coming Middle-East wars - Iran

Iran has the ability to develop enough weapons grade uranium within a 2 to 4 week time frame if it so chooses to do so, (according to reports).  Israel has a window that is rapidly closing in which it could bomb the heck out of the Iranian nuclear program if it so chooses.  So which one do you think will choose first??

According the the Prophet Jeremiah, that choice may be Israel's as the prophet saw the many peoples of Elam, (present day Iran), scattered to the far corners of the earth and the military might of Iran being destroyed, (Jeremiah 49:35-36), in a future confrontation.

Iran two weeks away from weapons-grade uranium’
Iran could produce enough weapons-grade uranium to build an atomic weapon within two weeks and has, “in a certain way,” already reached the point of no return in its nuclear program, a former senior International Atomic Energy Association official said Monday. “I believe that if certain arrangements are done, it could even go down to two weeks. So there are a lot of concerns out there that Iran can hopefully now address, in this new phase, both at the P5+1 [talks between Tehran and six world powers] and with the IAEA,” former IAEA deputy director Olli Heinonen said, confirming a report released last week by the Washington-based Institute for Science and International Security, which stated Iran could muster enough uranium for a bomb by converting all of its 20-percent enriched stockpile within 1 to 1.6 months.

Nuclear group: Time Iran would need to make uranium for a bomb 'too short'
Iran may need only a month to produce enough weapons-grade uranium for a nuclear bomb, a U.S.-based anti-proliferation group says in a new assessment of Tehran's enrichment program. But that is only if the country were able to take the most extreme and direct enrichment path, says the Institute for Science and International Security in Washington. Under other scenarios, it would take significantly longer for Tehran to produce the material -- more than 11 months in one estimate. And that would still not give Iran a nuclear bomb. Turning enriched uranium into a usable weapon would take a great deal more time, the report suggests.

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