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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Asteroid near-miss reported by Russian scientists

Prophecy Sign:  Signs in the cosmos

Looks like the earth has strolled into the path of a cosmic bowling alley again as the planet has just come off a month of record numbers of meteor sighting and an asteroid near miss, (which had it made it into earth's atmosphere, would have been similar to last years Russia asteroid explosion event).   Bible prophecy warns that as the day of Christ's return approaches, the heavens, (cosmos), will be filled with frightening events. We believe the recent slate of meteors and asteroids is just a small sign of what is yet to come.  In fact prophecy warns that a huge celestial body named "Wormwood" will devastate the planet earth during the coming Tribulation period.

People will faint from terror, apprehensive of what is coming on the world, for the heavenly bodies will be shaken. Luke 21:26 NIV

The third angel sounded his trumpet, and a great star, blazing like a torch, fell from the sky on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water-- the name of the star is Wormwood. A third of the waters turned bitter, and many people died from the waters that had become bitter. Revelation 8:10-11 NIV

Asteroid near-miss reported by Russian scientists
A 15-meter asteroid, similar to the object that exploded above Russia in February, moving at a speed of 16km per second, was detected hours before it narrowly missed Earth over the weekend, according to Russian scientists. "[The asteroid] was discovered on Friday night by our station near Lake Baikal and nine hours later it flew within 11,300km of the Earth’s surface, below the orbit of geostationary satellites. It was about 15 meters in size,” Vladimir Lipunov of the Moscow State University and the Sternberg Astronomical Institute indicated.  Lipunov also pointed out his team had notified the International Astronomical Union of their discovery, but it is yet to be confirmed, RIA Novosti news agency reported. The Russian astronomers stated that the asteroid has disappeared now. 

Two large fireballs spotted over the skies of Ohio, USA
Two very bright fireballs were spotted and recorded over the skies of Ohio, USA, in just two days. They quickly became 2nd and 3rd most reported events of all time on the American Meteor Society (AMS) website. Witnesses from Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri and Wisconsin reported a bright light moving across the morning sky on September 26, 2013. AMS has received more than 730 reports of this large fireball seen around 11:05 UTC (7:05 am local time). The second fireball exploded on September 28th around 03:30 UTC (September 27 around 11:30 pm local time) over central Ohio and was visible from at least 14 US states. Witnesses report shadows cast upon the ground, unusual sounds, and a swirling contrail marking the aftermath of the blast.

Fireball spotted in sky over northern Alberta
Two RCMP officers on patrol near Manning in northern Alberta spotted a blazing fireball shooting across the night sky on Saturday. In an eight-second video shot by Const. Josh Stachow and Const. Kyle Ashe on their patrol camera, a flaming ball of light can be seen crossing the sky around 9:30 p.m. The two officers, who say they didn't hear anything as the fireball streaked by, were driving along Highway 35 near the hamlet of Hawk Hills at the time of the sighting. A community astronomer at the Telus World of Science in Edmonton confirmed the display was caused by a meteor streaking through the sky.

Huge Fireball Explosion Creates Power Outage in Yucatan, Mexico
Sunday evening, a weird sky phenomenon broke up the monotony of a small Maya Town as a huge object, thought to be a fireball, lit up the skies over the town of Ichmul in southern Yucatan at around 8:30 PM local time. The falling object was accompanied by a strong thundering noise and a loud blast when it crashed onto the ground. The crash was followed by flashing blue hazes and a power outage. Than flames were observable until approximately 2 AM at the object’s landing site. The sky phenomenon was also observed in Saban, Quintana Roo, San Francisco, and Peto Chikindzonot township.

Meteor Sightings in the 1000′s across the U.S. are reported to American Meteor Society
Reports of meteor sightings are coming into the American Meteor Society by the thousands. According to one of the latest reports posted at the American Meteor Society website, “Its been a busy week for the AMS as we are bombarded by fireball reports from all different parts of the country. The latest event took place over Alabama and Georgia last night September 28th 7:30 PM local time. Over 250 witnesses from Virginia, Maryland, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, Alabama and Georgia have reported the event so far. Below is a heat map of the witnesses who saw the event. Click the image below for the event detail page and witness reports.” Exactly why these meteors are coming into the atmosphere at this time is unknown. 

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