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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Extreme Weather Menaces Mexico, Japan

Prophecy Sign:  The Roaring and tossing of the seas - Anomalous weather patterns

Various regions of the planet are being rocked by deadly weather events.  Meanwhile the scientists and politicians of the world continue to be in a state of anguish and perplexity at what the cause of these anomalous weather events may be.  Many still hold to man-made causes, but actual weather data is quickly proving the theories wrong and the projections meaningless.

Prophecy does warn that in the last days, the seas will roar and toss, (likely from huge weather events), while the nations stand back in wonderment.  Sounds just like the time we live in now, does it not?

There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars. On the earth, nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea. Luke 21:25 NIV

Extreme Weather Menaces Mexico, Japan
Mexico and Japan are experiencing extreme weather. In Mexico, two different storms have hit the nation from opposite sides. The remnants of Tropical Storm Manuel continue drenching the Southwestern Pacific region with dangerous rains, causing mud slides and floods. On the opposite coast, Hurricane Ingrid is hitting Monday. The storms have caused at least 21 deaths. Meanwhile in Japan, Typhoon Man-Yi arrived with 100 mph winds and torrential rains. The storm is damaging homes and flooding parts of the country's popular tourist destination Kyoto. Dozens of people have been injured and 260,000 have been ordered to evacuate to shelters. Officials say more than 300 homes have been flooded and some 80,000 homes have lost power.
More Heavy Rains for Battered Colorado Flood Zone
Forecasters in Colorado are warning residents near Denver to brace for torrential overnight rains, as raging flood waters roar through the region and cloud cover hampers helicopter rescue efforts. Days of heavy rains and flooding have turned the state's Rocky Mountain foothills into high risk zones, with dozens of washed out roads and bridges turning entire communities into disaster areas short on supplies and services. At least four people were known dead by late Sunday, with two others officially missing and presumed dead. Authorities say about 500 people were unaccounted for Sunday, while cautioning that some may be unable to communicate with loved ones while stranded and awaiting rescue. 

Torrential rains kill 2 in southern Ukraine
Two people were killed after heavy rains hit southern Ukraine's Odessa region over the weekend, a local official said Monday, APA reports quoting Xinhua. The ensuing floods drowned some 4,000 farm animals and poultry and destroyed or severely damaged more than 450 houses, causing an estimated loss of 21 million U.S. dollars, an official of the press service of Odessa regional administration told Xinhua. Around 600 residents have been evacuated in central Odessa, the worst-hit region.http://en.apa.az/xeber_torrential_rains_kill_2_in_southern_ukra_199558.html

Ice Cap Defies Global Warming Predictions
New satellite images show the Arctic ice cap is making a comeback. In 2007, the BBC predicted all the ice would have melted by 2013. Instead, the opposite happened. The Daily Mail, a British newspaper, reports the polar ice cap expanded by 60 percent in just one year. The news media blamed global warming for the previously shrinking ice cap, and environmentalists warned that all that melted ice would flood the world.

IPCC models getting mushy
What’s more, the U.K.’s main climate modeling lab just this summer revised its long-term weather forecasts to show it now expects there to be no warming for at least another five years. Ironically, if its model is right, it will have proven itself and all others like it to be fundamentally wrong. To those of us who have been following the climate debate for decades, the next few years will be electrifying. There is a high probability we will witness the crackup of one of the most influential scientific paradigms of the 20th century, and the implications for policy and global politics could be staggering.

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