Smart TVs can spy on their owners

Prophecy Sign:  The surveillance state

We are posting this article more as a warning to anyone buying one of these new T.V. units, rather than as any sort of prophetic sign.  According to this article, the new Samsung Smart T.V.s, (of which we ourselves even considered purchasing from the local Wal-Mart), have a serious flaw which allows hackers the ability to  hack in and feed back the video and audio streams to the hacking computer.  End result, the hacker can watch and listen to everything that is going on in in the home where one of these new Television sets reside.  

These is a fix, and that is to ensure your personal wireless network is secured with a very difficult to break, password.  If your network is open, or secured with a simple password, (a phone number perhaps), then you may be a sitting duck for a hacker attack, and that hacker can then sit back and watch you watching your favorite show.

If you are thinking of presenting one of these T.V's as a Christmas gift to the family, consider yourself warned  You're welcome.

Smart TVs can spy on their owners
Viewers, beware: while you’re watching TV, your TV might be watching you back. A security firm discovered that Samsung’s Smart TV can give hackers access to the device’s built-in camera and microphones, allowing them to watch everything you do. The Malta-based firm ReVuln posted a video showing its team of researchers hacking into one of the Samsung TVs and accessing its settings, channel lists, widgets, USB drives, and remote control configurations. The security flaw allows hackers to access any and all personal data stored on the TV. “We can install malicious software to gain complete root access to the TV,” the video writes.
With this access, hackers can use the Smart TVs built-in camera and microphones to see and hear everything in front of it. Instead of just watching TV, viewers could themselves be watched without knowing it. But this flaw isn’t present in just one specific model. The vulnerability affects all 11 Samsung televisions of the latest generation. The Smart TVs have many of the same features as a computer, but lack the same kind of protection. The devices do not have security features such as firewalls and antivirus software.


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