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UN vote marks EU defeat for Israel

Prophecy Sign:  Dividing the Land - Israel alone

So now what?  What will be the result of the UN's approval of the Palestinian bid for semi-statehood?

1)  It leaves Israel more ostracised among world nations.  There are not many nations left standing at the side of Israel;  Just as bible prophecy indicates would happen at the time of the end.

2)  It empowers the Palestinians and the entire Muslim/Arab world to look upon Israel as a hungry wolf does   with a juicy prey;  A nice fat target ready for slaughter. This is exactly what we read in Psalm 83 when a coalition of nations conspire to remove the name of Israel forever from the Middle-East.  Already, Hamas in the Gaza are sable rattling and continue to refuse to acknowledge the Jewish state or her capital of Jerusalem, (see article below).

3)  The decision is like Christmas to the Vatican and the Roman Church, as the Vatican gleefully looks towards turning the city of Jerusalem into some sort of religious shrine under the admin…

U.N. votes to recognize Palestine as ‘non-member observer state’

Prophecy Sign:  Splitting the Holy Land

So the nations, (138 to be exact), have formalized  their desire to further divide the land God gave as an eternal inheritance to his chosen nation, Israel.

But I said to you, "You will possess their land; I will give it to you as an inheritance, a land flowing with milk and honey." I am the LORD your God, who has set you apart from the nations. Leviticus 20:24 NIV

This is a big no go with God, as he will put each of those nations on trial for doing this.  This judgement will occur at the end of the Tribulation period, and is as sure to happen as tomorrows sunrise.

In those days and at that time, when I restore the fortunes of Judah and Jerusalem, I will gather all nations and bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat. There I will put them on trial for what they did to my inheritance, my people Israel, because they scattered my people among the nations and divided up my land. Joel 3:1-2 NIV

Out of 193 nations that make up the U.N. Ge…

Is Egypt about to become the new Iran?

Prophecy Sign:  Egypt:  Brother against brother, and a fierce ruler

Current and recent events in Egypt certainly seem to be fulfilling a prophecy penned long ago by the Prophet Isaiah.  In his prophecy he foresaw a time during the last days, when Egypt would undergo a revolution with great civil strife, followed by the emergence of a powerful, and fierce leader.

Now we can't be sure that the current President of Egypt fits the bill as a cruel master, (thus far his demeanour and presence gives no indication of this), but under a new Islamic constitution based on Shariah law, one could easily see the future Egyptian leader of Isaiah 19, emerge at some later date as this cruel, fierce, Islamic radical leader of Egypt.

“I will stir up Egyptian against Egyptian—brother will fight against brother, neighbor against neighbor, city against city, kingdom against kingdom. The Egyptians will lose heart, and I will bring their plans to nothing; they will consult the idols and the spirits of the…

Last Jews in Ethiopia Prepare for the Promised Land

Prophecy Sign:  The return of the Jewish people to the land of their forefathers

One of the sure signs that we are in the last generation prior to Christ's return, is the fact that the nation of Israel is once again a national entity. From every corner of earth, the Jewish people have returned to, and continue to return to the land of their forefathers.

Do not be afraid, for I am with you; I will bring your children from the east and gather you from the west. I will say to the north, 'Give them up!' and to the south, 'Do not hold them back.' Bring my sons from afar and my daughters from the ends of the earth. Isaiah 43:5-6 NIV

Last Jews in Ethiopia Prepare for the Promised Land The last 2,000 “Falash Mura [wanderer in Ethiopia's Amharic language] Jews are preparing to come to the Promised Land next year, completing what may be the first and only time an entire country’s Jewish community has followed the forefather Abraham’s experience of leaving his birthplace and…

EU commission foresees two treaty changes to reach full integration

Prophecy Sign:  The revived Roman Empire - the European Superstate

The European superstate, (revived Rome), is coming along just nicely, as national governments give over more of their sovereignty to Brussels, and the Eurozone.  One day very soon, the Eurozone will transform into the United States of Europe.

We believe that this new economic entity will be the catalyst for the financial and economic takeover of the world.  A takeover which will see 10 new power bases come to power for a brief period of time, to work alongside the Antichrist to implement the new economic world order. As we have mentioned before, the Club of Rome, (one of the many elitist think-tanks and policy groups), has already divided the globe into 10 economic zones, following the pattern of the E.U.

He gave me this explanation: ‘The fourth beast is a fourth kingdom that will appear on earth. It will be different from all the other kingdoms and will devour the whole earth, trampling it down and crushing it.  The te…

Israeli biometric database launched amid opposition, hacking fears

Prophecy Sign:  Mark of the Beast

If you have been following our blog for a while, you will know that we have some different ideas on just what the coming "Mark of the Beast" will be, (click on the label tag attached to this entry to find out more about that).  The current trend towards biometric identification systems and the RFID chips, while not what we expect the mark to be, is certainly pushing the education agenda to the acceptance of identify yourself by way of your hand, (fingerprints), or forehead, (iris and facial scans).
When the true mark of the beast comes along, people will have been so indoctrinated to this procedure, that many people will readily accept, without question, the mark of the Antichrist.  

It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads,  so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name. Revela…

World waterways turning blood Red

Prophecy Sign:  Waters will be turned blood red 

Sometimes we will see an article, and think, "that's interesting", but we will leave it aside and not post it to this blog.  However, when several similar articles start to form a trend, then that catches our attention from a prophetic standpoint.  Such is the case with all these recent articles reporting on bodies of water, along with rain storms, turning blood red.

While there are likely reasonable scientific explanations for most of these stories, some are completely at a loss for explanation.  It's almost as if God is allowing for a brief look into what is about to happen during the coming Tribulation.  The world has been warned, that there will be a judgement meted out by God which will literally turn the waters of the seas as blood.

The second angel poured out his bowl on the sea, and it turned into blood like that of a dead man, and every living thing in the sea died. Revelation 16:3 NIV
Australian, Bondi and Clov…
Prophecy Sign:  The identity of the Antichrist - (and no, it's not Barack Obama)

Is it just us, or is this infatuation with a politician beyond the pale, and just a little weird?  With no offence indented to any reader of this blog who may be an elected representative of the people, but generally speaking, your chosen field is not high on the list of trusted and liked occupations.

So why is this political leader, (Barack Obama), who will have four more years to royally screw things up, still held in such high esteem, even to the point of messianic proportions? Is he the Antichrist?  Absolutely not, but Obama sure is a template of what the Antichrist will be, right down to the Messianic worship he will receive from the masses. 

All inhabitants of the earth will worship the beast—all whose names have not been written in the Lamb’s book of life, the Lamb who was slain from the creation of the world. Revelation 13:8 NIV

If Jamie Fox wants to consider Barack Obama to be his "Lord and …

Iranian scientists running simulations of large nuclear weapon

Prophecy Sign:  The coming Middle-East wars - Iran

The Iranians have no intention of ending their nuclear weapons program, and are in fact, according to reports, ramping up the program.  This will not end well for the Iranians, as bible prophecy seems to warn of a coming time when many Iranian people will be scattered to the four corners of the earth, and the military might of Iran will be destroyed.  In a prophecy of Jeremiah, we read of an ancient region called Elam, which is a region of Iran and the current home to the Iranian nuclear program.

An Israeli military strike on one of the Iranian underground nuclear production sites may be enough to not only destroy Iran's nuclear ambitions, (for at least a while), but the fallout would require evacuation of the area with perhaps thousands of people fleeing Iran as refugees.

This is what the LORD Almighty says: "See, I will break the bow of Elam, the mainstay of their might.  I will bring against Elam the four winds from the f…

Palestinian Statehood Push May Derail Peace Efforts

Prophecy Sign:  The covenant/peace treaty - a two state solution?

So what happens when the United Nations agrees to a resolution raising the status of the Palestinians to that of a non member state?  The Palestinians will then be looking to establish borders and set its capital in Jerusalem.  This is not exactly going to sit well with Israel who, as we have said before, will never agree to the splitting of Jerusalem, or to borders that are indefensible.  This is exactly what the Palestinians are demanding;  Borders that are based on the pre-1967 lines, and East Jerusalem, (including the Temple Mount), as its own.  As one of today's articles suggest, this will likely derail peace efforts, and we suggest, be a fuse that starts another Israel/Arab war.

Out of such a war, we then foresee the establishment of a peace treaty.  One, that according to bible prophecy,  will not last.

Your covenant with death will be annulled; your agreement with the realm of the dead will not stand. When the…

Muslims Claim Netanyahu Plans to Build ‘False’ Holy Temple

Prophecy Sign:  The construction of the Third Jewish Temple - The Tribulation Temple

The Islamic Arab world is suddenly getting their shorts in a knot, over the thought of Israel and the Jews constructing a new temple on the Temple Mount.

Well they should worry, because according to bible prophecy, a new temple will be built.  In fact there will be two more temples;  The first one which will exist during the Tribulation and which will be desecrated by the Antichrist, and the second which will be constructed during the Millennial reign of Christ, and is described in depth by the Prophet Ezekiel. 

So when you see standing in the holy place 'the abomination that causes desolation,' spoken of through the prophet Daniel--let the reader understand-- then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains. Matthew 24:15-16 NIV  He will oppose and will exalt himself over everything that is called God or is worshiped, so that he sets himself up in God's temple, proclaiming himself to …

Stop worrying, and embrace RFID

Prophecy Sign:  The "Mark of the Beast"

People will be told during the Tribulation period that they must except the Mark of the Beast.  Right now the world is only being told to embrace the technology.
Educate the masses over time to accept something, then  make a mandate that it's no longer voluntary.  Isn't that always the way it works?

It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, Revelation 13:16 NIV
Stop worrying, and embrace RFID
Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is a simple way of using embedded chips as a form of tracking and authentication. It’s now fairly common to have pets implanted with RFID chips so they can be identified even without their collar attached. As RFID use has increased in frequency in the developed world, there has been a non-trivial amount of pushback from luddites, the religious, and privacy advocates. In reality, RFID isn’t that scary, and we sh…

China supports Palestinian statehood bid, says Palestinian envoy

Prophecy Sign:  A Middle-East covenant of peace
Nations are lining up on either side of the Palestinian statehood question.  Many nations are expected to be behind the push by the Palestinians at upcoming U.N. meetings, while a very few, (Canada included), will stand by Israel and vote against the measure.
While we have no animosity towards an ethnic groups desire for their own nation, the Palestinians are anything but a separate ethnic group. In fact they are very much the brethren of the Jordanian Arabs, and should be incorporated into Jordan as part of that nation as it was to be at the time Jordan and Israel became independent nations in the 1940's.
Frankly there will never be peace between the Palestinian Authority, (West Bank), or Hamas, (Gaza), as Israel will never agree to divide Jerusalem or allow the right of return of millions of Palestinian Arabs into the Jewish state, nor will Israel agree to indefensible borders.
The long awaited peace agreement will only come after …

Palm scanners get thumbs up in schools, hospitals

Prophecy Sign:  The coming "Mark of the Beast"

Just another example of the coming "Mark of the Beast" system which will control the ability of people to buy or sell in the coming new economic world order.  Teach them while their young that there is nothing at all wrong with slapping their palms down to be scanned in order to make a purchase.  Little do these children know of the significance of this seemingly insignificant daily routine.

It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name. Revelation 13:16-17 NIV

Palm scanners get thumbs up in schools, hospitals At schools in Pinellas County, Fla., students aren't paying for lunch with cash or a card, but with a wave of their hand over a palm scanner. "It's so quick that a child could be standing in line…

U.N. to Seek Control of the Internet

Prophecy Sign:  Orwellian global government of the future

One day, websites like this one will be banned.  During the reign of the coming Antichrist, authorities will have new global laws and edicts that will allow them to remove any sites that are contrarian to the official dictates of the ruling elite.  Sites like this, which attempt to warn of what is happening, simply won't be allow to exist, thanks to the impending takeover of the web by the United Nations.  The United Nations will of course be at the forefront of a global world government, headed by the Antichrist.  

He gave me this explanation: ‘The fourth beast is a fourth kingdom that will appear on earth. It will be different from all the other kingdoms and will devour the whole earth, trampling it down and crushing it. Daniel 7:23 NIV

U.N. to Seek Control of the Internet Next week the United Nations' International Telecommunications Union will meet in Dubai to figure out how to control the Internet. Representatives fro…

Israel successfully test fires David's Sling

Prophecy Sign:  Coming wars in the Middle-East

The Islamic Arab world had better take note;  Their actions against the Jewish nation will come back upon them in much more terrifying ways.  Obadiah foresaw this when he warned the nations that Israel would become like a flame that would destroy her Arab neighbours.  This event is yet to be fulfilled.    
The day of the Lord is near for all nations. As you have done, it will be done to you; your deeds will return upon your own head. Obadiah 1:15 NIV  Jacob will be a fire and Joseph a flame; Esau will be stubble, and they will set him on fire and destroy him. There will be no survivors from Esau.” The Lord has spoken. Obadiah 1:18 NIV
Fresh shipment of Iranian-made rockets reportedly already en route to Gaza Less than a week after the conclusion of Operation Pillar of Defense, and with Hamas boasting of an imminent increase in military aid from Iran, Israeli satellites have spotted a ship at the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas being loaded with …

World's rivers running on empty, paper finds

Prophecy Sign:  The drying up of the waterways

The degree to which the world is inflicted with environmental devastation and catastrophe, is directly related to closeness of Christ's return, and the degree of ungodliness that exists in the world.

I will lay waste the mountains and hills and dry up all their vegetation; I will turn rivers into islands and dry up the pools.  Isaiah 42:15 NIV
World's rivers running on empty, paper finds Four of the world's great rivers, including the Murray Darling, are all suffering from drastically reduced flows as a direct result of water extraction, according to new ANU research.  The multi-author study – led by ANU researchers Professor Quentin Grafton, Dr Jamie Pittock, Professor Tom Kompas and Dr Daniel Connell of the Crawford School of Public Policy at The Australian National University – examined the threats from water extractions and climate change on four of the world's iconic river systems; the US Colorado River, the South Africa…

Winter 2012 Signposts Newsletter

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It's a very simple publication which is easy to read, and which can be printed off to be given to family, friends or left at your church lobby for people to pick up if they so desire.  We are living in unprecedented times, and many people, both Christian and non-Christian are looking for answers. Educate yourselves and be prepared to be the one your church members, family members an friends turn to, to find those answers.  You are the watchmen/women on the wall.

Son of man, I have made you a watchman for the people of Israel; so hear the word I speak and give them warning from me. Ezekiel 33:7 NIV

God Bless.
Duane & Shelley

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Wiretapping the web

Prophecy Sign:  The coming global surveillance/police state

OK, so when we say the world will come under the control of a global surveillance/police state during the time of the Antichrist, we mean global.  A lot of the articles we post under the Police State tag are generated out of America, suggesting the construction of the police state is going quite well in the land of the free.  That's not to say the same thing isn't happening elsewhere.  Just glance through the articles below;  We have technology that will all authorities to listen in on your Skype conversations in the U.K; New software in Australia to spy on social media conversations;  Electronic tracking systems in Saudi Arabia; and of course America, which now has portable mobile surveillance towers, (if you don't already feel like your in a prison, just wait until you see a 30 foot high surveillance tower in your town centre watching over you).

However, good news; at least the courts in America had the good se…

Symbolism of EU flag is Marian

Prophecy Sign:  The twelve stars in heaven

Oh how interesting this article is.  Did you know of the significance of the 12 stars on the European Union flag? That the twelve stars pay homage to the Virgin Mary, (Catholics love to worship Mary), and comes straight out of the book of Revelation?  We sure didn't know this information about this flag until this article came along yesterday and opened our eyes.

Most prophecy experts believe that the Revived Roman Empire, (Daniel 2, 7, Revelation 17), will be based out of Western Europe, and that the Roman Catholic Church will have much to do with the coming global false religious system.  In fact we read in the book of Revelation that a woman, (representing this false religious system), will ride the beast, (representing the coming one world government), and will point the world to worship the leader of this coming new world order.

Isn't interesting that this article suggests that the E.U., (revived Rome), has Marion origins, (Catho…