Report: Nearly One In Five Americans Have No Money to Put Food on the Table

Prophecy Sign:  Economic chaos, food shortages, civil unrest

A very alarming headline today indicates that one in five Americans, (20%), sometime during the last year did not have enough money to put food on the table, (see graph below).  This coming on the heals of further news stories which indicate staple food prices will rise due to increase in corn and soybean prices, (article below).

The situation in America is already dire for many Americans, but the situation can and will get far worse, as is already happening in Greece which is suffering through it's own depression , (video below).

Bible prophecy warns that at the time of the Tribulation,  food prices will increase so greatly that it will take a day's wage to buy enough food for one person for one day, (Revelation 6:6).  At the same time, bible prophecy warns that commodities which many people gravitate towards to shelter their wealth, (gold, silver and other metals), will become worthless as people literately will cast their gold into the streets, (Ezekiel 7:19).

Better to store up riches in heaven now, (your salvation), than to trust in wealth here on earth for the future.

"Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. Matthew 6:19-20 NIV

Report: Nearly One In Five Americans Have No Money to Put Food on the Table
While economists, government officials, and mainstream media experts argue about whether a recovery is finally taking hold, the evidence on the ground provides a clear insight about where the country is headed. A nationwide Gallup survey involving 177,000 U.S. adults proves what many contrarians have been screaming for some time: For most Americans there is no recovery. After having lost 40% of their wealth, millions of jobs, their homes, and with prices in all key commodity groups like food and energy rising consistently, our current economic conditions feel more like a depression than anything remotely resembling a recovery. According to the new survey, nearly one in five Americans report that there has been at least one time in the last 12 months when they did not have enough money to buy the food they or their families needed. In some parts of the country it’s even worse.

US corn, soy prices hit records as drought lingers
US corn and soybean prices closed at new record highs Tuesday as a new survey showed worse-than-expected crop damage from a brutal drought across the country's central breadbasket. The price of corn jumped 1.7 percent to $8.3875 a bushel, while soybeans finished at $17.3025 a bushel, up 2.8 percent from Tuesday. That left the corn price up 68 percent from June and soybeans 39 percent higher. An all-time record hot July accompanied by nearly three months of extreme drought have baked the country's prime farmland in the midwestern and central states, where the world's largest corn and soybean crops are grown.


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