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World's first Genetically Modified babies born

Prophecy Sign:  Will the Mark of the Beast be a new DNA sequence?
Prophecy experts,  L.A. Marzulli and Doug Hamp both believe that the "Mark of the Beast" to be something far more sinister than that which has been considered to date. (After studying their work on the subject, we concur with their conclusions).  They both believe that the coming mark will change the DNA of those that take it, (through the use of RNA), resulting in a Satanic corruption of the image of God, (which is what humankind was created to be).  This corruption will change the recipient of the mark to something other than a creation of God.  Rather they will become a Demonic hybrid, which renders the person forever unredeemable.
This is why the Angel of Revelation pronounces immediate judgement on those that take the mark, and also why those with the mark seem to be unable to find death during the Tribulation, (Revelation 9:6), This is not the first time Satan has attempted to corrupt the human genome of…

N. Korean defectors report starvation after harvests ‘taken forcibly by the ruling class’

Prophecy Signs:  Famines and food shortages
We have absolutely no idea of the horrors for those people that live in the world's most oppressive nation, that of North Korea.  It is unimaginable to consider that 20,000 people have starved to death in just a half a year. And the reason why is because the elites in North Korea literally steal the food away from the citizens.  God will deal with the North Korean leadership on judgement day, and I would not want to be in their shoes when they stand before the Almighty on that day.
Can it be that one of the reasons for the food shortages during the Tribulation is that the governing elite will be doing exactly the same thing on a global scale as is happening in North Korea?  There is one passage in the book of Revelation that suggests that while food prices will sky-rocket, luxury items that are only affordable by the rich, (elites), will not experience the same increases.  This suggests there will be two classes of people during the Trib…

Stunning Map Reveals World's Earthquakes Since 1898

Prophecy Sign:  Earthquakes in diverse places

Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be earthquakes in various places, and famines. These are the beginning of birth pains. Mark 13:8 NIV

From the article: If you've ever wondered where — and why — earthquakes happen the most, look no further than a new map, which plots more than a century's worth of nearly every recorded earthquake strong enough to at least rattle the bookshelves. The map shows earthquakes of magnitude 4.0 or greater since 1898; each is marked in a lightning-bug hue that glows brighterwith increasing magnitude. The overall effect is both beautiful and arresting, revealing the silhouettes of Earth's tectonic boundaries in stark, luminous swarms of color. The map's maker, John Nelson, the user experience and mapping manager for IDV.

Stunning Map Reveals World's Earthquakes Since 1898

Most Americans Believe Government Keeps UFO Secrets, Survey Finds

Prophecy Sign:  The burgeoning UFO phenomenon - Return of the Nephilim? 

One prophetic topic that is not often touched upon by many churches, or many prophecy scholars for that matter, is the topic of the Nephilim and their prophesied return during the last days, (Matthew 24:37).  These demonic entities existed during the Antediluvian pre-flood world, and where the reason God had to destroy all mankind, except for Noah and his family. The King James version of the bible says that Noah was perfect in his generation, (Genesis 6:9), which some prophecy experts have concluded to mean perfect DNA, (without corruption). Thus Noah and his family where redeemable and were saved at the time of the flood.

The book of Genesis, (chapter 6:1-2), touches on this event when we read of the Sons of God mingling with the Daughters of Men, producing the mighty men of old, (the giants - Nephilim).  In addition, the non canonical book of Enoch has a great deal to say about the fallen Angels that came to e…

The Disastrous Consequences of a Euro Crash

Prophecy Sign:  The collapse of world markets and the global economy
There are now many economists that are all warning of a coming economic catastrophe.  They must know something don't you think?  We are by no means economic prognosticators, but we do know what bible prophecy warns of for the last days, and we very much believe we are in those days.

These articles are just further evidence of the coming collapse.  This collapse will then be followed by the new world economic order of the Antichrist.  His system will be permitted by God to function for a short period of time, before God judges the nations and this global economic system of the Antichrist.

They will throw their silver into the streets, and their gold will be an unclean thing. Their silver and gold will not be able to save them in the day of the Lord’s wrath. They will not satisfy their hunger or fill their stomachs with it, for it has made them stumble into sin. Ezekiel 7:19 NIV
From the articles: Investment experts …

War-torn Yemen faces a new crisis: famine

Prophecy Sign:  Famines and Food shortages
Famines and food shortages are one of the hallmarks of the last days.  Weather caused by droughts, wars or economic strife, many people will perish the world over.

Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places.  All these are the beginning of birth pains. Matthew 24:7-8 NIV
From the article: U.S.-backed Yemen, torn by a major conflict with al-Qaida and other serious security problems, now faces a new crisis: a potentially crippling food shortage that's threatening the economic survival of the Arab world's poorest state. UNICEF says malnutrition and food shortages, largely the result of chronic under-development and a worsening water crisis, is acute. "It's an emergency very much comparable to the Horn of Africa and the Sahel in North Africa, but it's not getting as much attention," said Geert Cappelaere, the UNICEF chief in Yemen. He urged donors t…

Pope calls for a new world order

Prophecy Sign:  The coming new economic model of the Antichrist
A very interesting article from 3 years ago was reposted on the "Living in the Last Days: News" site today.  The article, (see below), reported that Pope Benedict called for a new world political authority, in place of the United Nations, complete with a new economic system aimed at the common good of mankind.  We were absolutely startled when we read the article as it summarizes exactly what will occur during the rule of the Antichrist.  This coming Man of Sin will indeed establish a new world political authority, (Revelation 13:7), along with a brand new economic system which will at first, appeal to a great many people, (Revelation 13:16-17).  Makes you wonder just what side the Pope is working for, doesn't?

It has been the belief of many prophecy experts that this new coming economic system will be a form of State Capitalism, (a state run and administered profit seeking economic system).  The new system …

Russia and China vow to protect Syria from becoming another Libya

Prophecy Sign:  The coming middle-east wars - Syria

The situation is rapidly deteriorating in Syria and might well be the catalyst to a much wider and potentially devastating middle-east war.  China and Russia have already staked out sides alongside their allies in Iran and Syria.  Meanwhile reports indicate that there may already be British special forces in Syria.

At the same time, relations between Turkey and Syria are becoming very strained to say the least, with Turkish armed forces on high alert in anticipation of a military conflict with the Syrians.  Then of course there is the vast quantities of chemical weapons at the disposal of the Assad regime in Syria.  If the Syrian government felt in any way that their days were numbered, do you suppose they might consider lobbing some of those chemical weapons at Israel in a last ditched attempt to take the heat off and instead focused on a mutual enemy in Israel?

However all this plays out over the coming weeks, it's looking eve…

Stakelbeck on Terror Show: Biological Terrorism the Next Big Threat?

Prophecy Sign:  Perilous Times
From the website: CBN News examines the growing threat of biological terrorism on U.S. soil. From al Qaeda to Iran , Syria and North Korea, some of America's greatest enemies have acquired or are working to acquire biological weapons. Leading national security experts Chet Nagle and Clare Lopez join us to break down what a bioterror attack would look like, how it would affect America, and why U.S. leaders are unprepared to deal with this very real threat. Plus, what does the Bible say about it? 

Stakelbeck on Terror Show: Biological Terrorism the Next Big Threat?

Visa Europe Prepares For Possible Euro Zone Breakup

Prophecy Sign:  The new economy of the Antichrist - Cashless society?

Interesting, Visa Europe could implement a new currency at the "drop of a hat", in the event of a Eurozone collapse.  And this new currency would be of the cashless variety as well.  Now doesn't that just say no buying or selling for you without access to this potential digital currency of the future?

It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads,  so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name. Revelation 13:16-17 NIV

From the article:
Visa Europe is holding weekly meetings to discuss scenarios in the event the euro zone collapses, joining other companies that are preparing for a potential breakup of the currency bloc. Chief Commercial Officer Steve Perry said Tuesday that management at the U.K.-based credit-card company meets weekly to explore…

German judges rule parents can be brought to court for circumcising children

Prophecy Sign:  The world vs Jewish commandments

A recent ruling by a regional court in Germany could very well make it illegal for Jewish parents to follow the commands of God that their male child is to be circumcised 8 days from birth.  In fact, Jesus as a Jew was circumcised after 8 days.  If Jesus had been a Jewish baby living in Germany in the year 2012, rather than a baby living 2,000 years ago in Judea, the passage in the book of Luke might never have happened, (although we suspect God would have found a way).

This is nothing more that Jewish persecution, this time by a German court system.  Hopefully the Jewish people of Germany will fight this to the top court in the land.

For the generations to come every male among you who is eight days old must be circumcised, including those born in your household or bought with money from a foreigner--those who are not your offspring. Genesis 17:12 NIV
On the eighth day, when it was time to circumcise him, he was named Jesus, the name th…

New Film to Claim Jesus Was Born After Mary Was Raped By Roman Soldier

Prophecy Sign:  The deviant society that will be emboldened during the Tribulation
Ever stood near someone that was cursing up a storm using every profanity in the book, including the name of God?  Didn't it make you want to quietly step back away from the person, for fear that a giant thunderbolt would soon strike the person dead in their tracks?  Well that's kind of how we little old Canadians feel up here as we watch the exponential deterioration of the Godly nation that once was America. We are warily watching the skies expecting the proverbial giant thunderbolt to soon strike American.
All kidding aside, this is not just an America contagion.  In fact Canada has had a 35 year head start on America, as we had our own version of Barack Obama as our leader.  His name was Pierre Trudeau and was the catalyst to many of our laws that contravene God's word, (eg. abortion on demand and gay marriage are very legal here).

However it is sad to see how America has gone in the sam…

Bees sting 76 monks in Thai temple, some slip into coma

Prophecy Sign:  Death, by the "Beasts of the Field"
We were told by a reader of this story where huge swarms of bees attacked dozens of Buddhist Monks, sending many to hospital in serious conditions.  This most recent news coming off the other recent bizarre insect story which reported of a new species of large spiders literally attacking people in a village in India.  Weird or What?  During the Tribulation, many people will die by way of the beast of the fields.  Who knew that could mean among others things, bees and spiders?

I looked, and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was named Death, and Hades was following close behind him. They were given power over a fourth of the earth to kill by sword, famine and plague, and by the wild beasts of the earth. Revelation 6:8 NIV
From the article: More than 70 monks have been hospitalized after they were stung by bees at a temple in northern Thailand, with some slipping into coma, reports said today. Large swarms of bees from…

Hamas: Israelis “Must prepare to Leave”

Prophecy Sign:  "Let us destroy them as a nation" - The Islamic call to arms

In the Gaza Strip, the duties charged to all new police office are to serve and protect, and oh yes.....liberate Israeli cities from the evil Zionist Jews.  And Israel is supposed to make peace with these people??  (see video below)

While most commencement ceremonies for new police officers around the world would likely have a speaker who would exhort the new charges to preform their duties with the utmost professionalism, such is obviously not the case in the Gaza strip.  Rather, you go find the most raving Islamic lunatic militant and have him stir up the recruits with thoughts of martyrdom for the cause of Allah as they kill the Jews.
See how your enemies growl, how your foes rear their heads. With cunning they conspire against your people; they plot against those you cherish. “Come,” they say, “let us destroy them as a nation, so that Israel’s name is remembered no more.” Psalm 83:2-4 NIV
From th…

Our New YouTube Christian Video Channel

We have now set-up a new YouTube channel which we have so named, "Signposts of the Times" (go figure).

We hope to be able to add favorite videos to the site on a weekly, if not daily basis.  The videos for the most part, will be Christian related, and prophecy related.  They will range from full documentary videos to weekly Christian TV prophecy shows, and everything in between.

We often times post videos to this blog site, but now conveniently, they will also be added to the YouTube channel.  Right now, we only have a few videos added to the channel, but we hope to quickly add more in the days to come.

Check out the following link to the site, or click on the link to the right of this blog entry on the side bar.

10 countries for a United States of Europe

Prophecy Sign:  The European Superstate - Revived Roman Empire
The push for the European Superstate is gathering huge momentum, as it has been reported that a cadre of 10 European nation foreign ministers are drafting a proposal that would see a European federation along the lines of the United States.  At the same time, the EU President, Herman van Rompuy is ready to unveil a plan  for a European Banking Union which would be a precursor to a political union.

There are some bible prophecy observers that find the 10 European nation foreign minister panel to be most intriguing based on the bible prophecy of the 10 kingdoms that would rise out of the old Roman empire at the time of the end.  The belief is that these final 10 kingdoms will be current members of the European Union.

While we would never say never on such a long held belief, it is our opinion these 10 member states are not the final 10 kingdoms of bible prophecy, for the sole reason that the bible makes clear that these fina…

Israel Wary of Egypt's New Islamist President

Prophecy Sign:  The coming middle-east wars - Egypt
In Islam, Muslims are commanded to participate in a deception known as "Taqiyya", (lying for the sake of Allah).  Under this deception method, an Islamic leader would tell a boldfaced lie to Western nations, while secretly meaning to do something entirely different.

A prime example of this is exposed in the following articles.  In the first article, it has been reported to the western press that the new Egyptian Islamic President, Mohammed Morsi, will endeavour to represent all Egyptians, including Christians, as well as preserving all Egyptian international agreements, (presumably that would include the Israel/Egypt peace treaty).

In the second and third articles we see what a boldfaced lie this was, as Morsi in an interview with an Iranian new agency made known his true intentions;  That of building stronger relations with the other major Islamic state in the middle-east, Iran, and reconsidering the peace deal with Israel…

U.S., Israel continue preparations for strike on Iran nuclear facilities

Prophecy Sign: The coming middle-east wars  - Iran

A hit on Iran is fast approaching as all signs point to a fall military strike by Israel, America, or both.  Reports indicate that Israel and America are readying military weapons and preparations for action later this summer or into the fall.  In fact, there is to be a major joint military exercise in October featuring thousands of soldiers from both Israel and the United States.  How convenient to have thousands of soldiers in the area, when an attack happens. 

Iran, for its part is once again warning Israel that any attack on Iran would result in the destruction of the Jewish state.  Do you suppose these recent moves on the part of Israel and America will cause Iran to rethink its nuclear ambitions?  Not likely!!  In fact, one can presume that the race is now on in the nuclear facilities of Iran to whip up some sort of nuclear weapon prior to any Israeli attack.

Iran, (Persia), is named as one of the major players in the upcoming Go…

Welcome to Doomsday, warns Wall Street seer

Prophecy Sign: The collapse of the global economic system

Greece will default, (according to many economic gurus), causing untold damage to the already fragile eurozone.  In fact, the Italian Prime Minister is warning that unless something significant comes out of the upcoming EU leaders summit next week, there will be "apocalyptic consequences".  Meanwhile, 15 of the largest banks in the world have seen their credit ratings downgraded by Moody s, signalling to already jittery world markets that the worst is still to come. It's going to happen folks.  Buckle up.  

We believe as part of the bride of Christ, we will be removed to a heavenly abode by the groom, Jesus Christ, prior to the Tribulation judgements of God, (the Rapture of the Church).  However, an economic collapse may be something all of us will have to endure for a time until the Antichrist enters the scene and begins the process of implementing a new economic world order.

“Surely he will have no respite from hi…

Signs of Trouble Shake Confidence in World Economy

Prophecy Sign:  The collapse of world markets and the global economy
Ok, just how many of you readers out there are absolutely shocked to hear that yet another pair of Eurozone members are now in need of bailouts in the billions!!  No One??  (..........que crickets chirping!!)

The news shouldn't be a shock to anyone, and is yet another sign that the eurozone is heading for collapse, which will mean a major global economic shake-up in the offing.  Such a global shock wave will be the catalyst to the new economic world order that will be implemented during the reign of the Antichrist and his 10 co-conspirators.

See, the day! See, it comes! Doom has burst forth, the rod has budded, arrogance has blossomed! Violence has arisen, a rod to punish the wicked. None of the people will be left, none of that crowd—none of their wealth, nothing of value. The time has come! The day has arrived! Let not the buyer rejoice nor the seller grieve, for my wrath is on the whole crowd. Ezekiel 7:10-12 N…

Starving Greeks queue for food

Prophecy Sign: Societal collapse

Greece has now become a microcosm of what will be during the early stages of the Tribulation.  Take a hard look at what is now happening in Greece;  Line-ups for food handouts and a medical system falling apart at the seams.  It's not pretty, and we do indeed pray for Greece and the Greek people.

During the Tribulation, we are warned that food prices will become exorbitantly priced.  So much so that a days wage will only buy enough food for one day, (although the very wealthy will still easily afford the luxuries of life).  At the same time, we are also warned that disease and plague will become an everyday part of life, suggesting that medical infrastructures will have collapsed.

Then I heard what sounded like a voice among the four living creatures, saying, “Two pounds of wheat for a day’s wages, and six pounds of barley for a day’s wages, and do not damage the oil and the wine!” Revelation 6:6 NIV

From the articles: Starving Greeks queued around t…

Christ Turns ‘Green’ at U.N. Earth Summit — Literally

Prophecy Sign:  Worshipping the creation rather than the creator - False Religious system

The global climate change alarmists have their own religious system called the "Green Religion" and are now in the process of usurping other religious faith and turning them into "Green" facsimiles of themselves.  This is certainly happening in Christendom, as many liberal leaning denominations are preaching far more about how to save the planet that how to save the unrepentant souls of a fallen mankind.

Paul saw this false religious system during his age 2,000 years ago and warned of it, and as we approach the final days, this Gaia green religion will take its place as one of the new tenets of the final global world religious that we read of in Revelation.

They exchanged the truth about God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator—who is forever praised. Amen. Romans 1:25 NIV

Prophecy Sign: Green guru James Lovelock was right. He warned last we…