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Thursday, April 12, 2012

2210, the Collapse of human civilization: it may be more real than you think

We haven't actually watched this video yet, but given the title and subject matter, thought it might be something our visitors may be interested in. Given that it is a National Geographic production we can image that the theories contained in the video about how civilization will collapse will have nothing to do with the depravity of man and his sinful nature. The video does prove however that it is not only us "wingnut" end of days Christians that see a coming time of tumultuous history making events, but even the secular world see something heading our way. The only difference being we have a hope of something wonderful occurring after the collapse of civilization.

From the YouTube site:
In the year 2210, scientists uncover the ruins of a great civilization - so powerful one could argue it dwarfed anything that came before it. Sifting through the wreckage of cities overtaken by the desert and swallowed up by the sea, they piece together a remarkable story of collapse - the story of what on Earth happened to us.

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