A review of "The Spirit of Prophecy" book

Recently we received a request from the author of prophecy related book to read and give a review of his book.  The authors name is Daniel Knezacek and the title of his book is called:
The Spirit of Prophecy: A Groundbreaking New Analysis of the Bible's End-Times Prophecies  
and is publish by Virtualbookworm.com Publishing Inc.

Mr. Knezacek is a fellow Canadian Christian and has an interest in the study of end-times prophecy. He holds to some similar view points as we have, but also holds to some ideas that run contrary to the general consensus amongst most bible prophecy experts, and with us as well. 

The book covers a gamut of subjects from the study of the final 10 kingdoms spoken of in both the books of Daniel and Revelation, to the Millennial Kingdom.  We found that we agreed with the author on most of his interpretations on the various subjects.  Mr. Knezacek made a very good case that the Antichrist will arise out of the nation of Jordan, showing proof with many biblical references to back up his assertion.  We ourselves express no particular opinion on the nationality of the Antichrist.  In our view point he could be European or from the Muslim word, we have seen good cases for both opinions.  Mr. Knezacek’s interpretation is another good case for an Antichrist from the Muslim world. 

We also found the author’s discussion on the coming apostate church to be very relevant in today’s growing emergent church and new Christian right movements.  We also found Mr. Knezaceks last chapter on the coming great deception to be most applicable to how we see events shaping up for this delusion;  That being an alien or return of the Nephilim scenario.   

The author presented a case for a psedo-Tribulation period that will occur prior to the actual seven year Tribulation period. The author asserts that this pseudo period would be a very deceptive facsimile causing the world to look for a messianic figure to save the world.  Enter the Antichrist.  We wished the author had spent more time in his book fleshing out this particular perspective. 

Where we took great issue with the author is in his assertion that polygamy will make a return during the Millennial Kingdom.  In the authors 8th chapter, he makes a very lengthy case that polygamy was never condemned by God and is in fact a legitimate lifestyle, (even today), that was used by God during the days of old Israel and will be used again to populate the world right after the Tribulation period.  As we said, we have a vastly different viewpoint on this issue and expressed such to the author himself.  However, we will leave it to any other readers of this book to come to their own opinion, with respect to what is written on this subject in the bible.  

All in all, and interesting book which should cause the reader to grab their bible and a good expository book on bible prophecy to determine if what is written is true. 

Duane Muir
Williams Lake, BC, Canada
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