Christian Palestinianism

We support the nation of Israel, the Jewish people and we believe that the promises of God to the Jews are forever. We do not believe that the Church has replaced Israel in any of those promises. We also believe that God will one day, in the very near future, return his attention to the Jewish people and complete his work for his chosen people. All of this makes us Christian Zionists, and we are very proud to wear that label.

However many, many Christians do not believe that God has any further business with Israel or with the Jews, and that the Church is now spiritual Israel. This is called replacement theology and this theology has done more harm to the Jewish people than any other unbiblical Church teaching ever has.

The following video is a must view for all Christians as the speaker in this 65 minute video exposes what happens when "Christians", (and we use that turn loosely), turn their hearts from the teaching of the bible and towards the teaching of men, and thus towards a hatred of Israel and the Jews.


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