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Rick Warren builds bridge to Muslims

Prophecy Sign: The coming global false religious system

In our opinion, Pastor Rick Warren has abandoned the faith and is now chasing deceiving spirits. What that means for his ultimate salvation is a doctrinal discussion we won't go into here. Sufficient to say that Rick Warren is stepping out of the realm of true biblical Christianity.

Warren and his ilk have the audacity to say that Christians and Muslims worship the same God. We refute that belief entirely. Muslims serve the Lord of this world, also known as the Moon God. This is even stated in the first verse of the Quran where it states:

"All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds."
And who does the bible call the God/Lord of this world? Satan, that's who. Read for yourself:
In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them. 2 Corinthians 4:4 KJV
Rick Warren is falling for the lie …

Russia upgrades radar station in Syria to aid Iran

Prophecy Sign:  The Gog/Magog war alliance - Russia

Russia continues to build its alliances with middle-east Muslim nations, namely Iran and Syria.  One day soon, that alliance building will drag Russia into a middle-east war versus Israel.  A war which Russia and her allies will lose badly.
Russia has now upgraded surveillance stations in Syria which will allow Iran to have much earlier warnings of incoming attacks. 
The word of the LORD came to me: “Son of man, set your face against Gog, of the land of Magog, the chief prince of Meshek and Tubal; prophesy against him and say: ‘This is what the Sovereign LORD says: I am against you, Gog, chief prince of Meshek and Tubal. I will turn you around, put hooks in your jaws and bring you out with your whole army—your horses, your horsemen fully armed, and a great horde with large and small shields, all of them brandishing their swords. Persia, Cush and Put will be with them, all with shields and helmets, also Gomer with all its troops, and Be…

E-passports spread to half the globe

Prophecy Sign:  The Mark of the Beast

First, a biometric passport which contains a chip with all your personal bio-metric information on it, (facial data, fingerprints, iris scans, etc). Then after that is well accepted and in common use next will come a mark on the hand or forehead which will likely contain the very same data, along with an ID that says the bearer has allegiance to the Antichrist. Thus allowing for day to day financial commerce.
We believe that the Bride of Christ, (the Church), will not be around when this final identification system is imposed on the denizens of this planet.

It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name. Revelation 13:16-17 NIV

From the article:
Nearly half of all United Nations (U.N.) member states are now issuing biometric e-passports, accordin…

Vladimir Putin Has Kindly Offered To Save Europe

Prophecy Sign: The final 10 kingdoms of bible prophecy

You've got to hand it to Russian Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin; he's working hard to fulfill some part of bible prophecy. Whether as Gog, (the chief prince), of the Magog alliance that comes against Israel, or perhaps as the man who puts together and leads up one of the final 10 kingdoms of bible prophecy.
Both Daniel and the Apostle John foretold that there would be 10 kingdoms in the last days which would be given power for only a very brief period of time. While many prophecy scholars for many years believed those 10 kingdoms would be 10 current European nations, there are a good many prophecy experts who are now coming to the conclusion that the final 10 kingdoms will span the entire world. These 10 kingdoms to be 10 new economic zones dividing up the planet, (this is our opinion).
One of those new economic regions, (kingdoms), will obviously encompass Russia. Interesting that Vladimir Putin has recently suggested a new …

Modern day zealots envision new Jewish Temple in Jerusalem

Prophecy Sign: The third Jewish Temple

The third Jewish Temple. Everyone from religious Jews, to the higher echelon members of the Masonic Order desire the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple, (you'll need to do some study on the Masons to understand their desire for a restore temple).
Bible prophecy does tell us in several places that there will be a third temple during the Tribulation period. This temple will be desecrated by the Antichrist half way through the 7 years, which will begin the Great Tribulation and the final judgments of God, (likely the bowl judgments).
It is our belief that the coming middle-east wars will be followed up by an agreement of peace which will be signed off by the Antichrist. This seven year agreement will also allow for the rebuilding of the third temple.

Don’t let anyone deceive you in any way, for that day will not come until the rebellion occurs and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the man doomed to destruction. He will oppose and will exalt himself o…

Erick Stakelbeck talks faith and tests of faith on GBTV

We have been posting on a regular basis, CBN News videos from the Erick Stakelbeck Terrorism program. Seems Mr. Stakelbeck is now also seen on the new Glenn Beck program. And if Erick’s segments continue to be anything like this one, we will gladly post them here on our blog.

We say Amen brother, and keep up the good work.

Bird flu, pig flu, now bat flu? Human risk unclear

Propehcy Sign:  Pestilence and plagues

Just another warning of what may well happen during the terrible days of the Tribulation. Many deaths caused by pestilence, disease and plagues. Many of these plagues will likely be spread by virus carrying vermin such as rats and now even bats. This is in fact what is warned of in the book of Revelation where we are told that the beasts of the field will play a part in the many deaths that will decimate humanity.

When the Lamb opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature say, “Come!” I looked, and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was named Death, and Hades was following close behind him. They were given power over a fourth of the earth to kill by sword, famine and plague, and by the wild beasts of the earth. Revelation 6:7-8 NIV

From the article:
The surprising discovery of genetic fragments of a flu virus is the first well-documented report of it in the winged mammals. So far, scientists haven't been able…

Sun Unleashes 5 Solar Eruptions in 2 Days

Prophecy Sign:  Signs in the Sun, Moon and Stars

Our Sun is quite active these days.  Should the Sun unleash a major mass ejection towards this planet, it would cause a great deal of damage.  Say goodbye to your Blackberry or your IPhone.

There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars. On the earth, nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea. Luke 21:25 NIV

From the article: Things on the sun have certainly been heating up. Our closest star unleashed five solar eruptions in only two days last week, producing extraordinary northern lights displays for lucky skywatchers over the weekend. The solar storms flared up between Feb. 23 and 24 and exploded from nearly all areas of the star, including the top, bottom, left and right sides of the solar disk as seen by space-based observatories, according to NASA scientists. In fact, four of these outbursts came within a single 24-hour period.

Sun Unleashes 5 Solar Eruptions in 2 Days…

Ethicists Argue in Favor of ‘After-Birth Abortions‘ as Newborns ’Are Not Persons’

Prophecy Sign:  They will exchange to truth for a lie - more so in the last days

Can we be far from the end, and the start of God's judgements on this unrepentant planet? After reading through these articles, the answer would be we must be at the very end of the end, and God has pulled out the sealed judgments and is ready to hand them off the Jesus Christ to open. In these articles, we read of two Australian university ethicists arguing in favour of infanticide, if a mother so chooses to rid herself of her unwanted child. In the Province of Quebec, the government has enacted laws which force children, (without parents having any say), to participate in school developed secular based religious studies courses, (which would require students to be immersed in some aspects of all religions). In the Province of Alberta, the government there will make it illegal for private schools or home-schoolers to teach that homosexuality is wrong. And we read that in America more and more chur…

3 doomsaying experts who foresee economic devastation ahead

Prophecy Sign:  The collapse of world markets and the global economy

In the articles attached with this blog entry we learn the following:

England has run out of money and has nothing left to attempt any further stimulus packages.

Total consumer debt in America has shot up dramatically, to where there is now $2.5 trillion dollars in outstanding personal debt on the books.

Greece has officially been rated by Standard and Poor's as now in default of its debts

Three noted economic gurus see economic devastation just around the corner, (within months or a couple short years at the latest).

Sorry for the bad news, but the global economy is heading for the cliff.  Just as bible prophecy warned would happen in the last days.

Now listen, you rich people, weep and wail because of the misery that is coming on you.  Your wealth has rotted, and moths have eaten your clothes. Your gold and silver are corroded. Their corrosion will testify against you and eat your flesh like fire. You have hoard…

Israel to Keep US in Dark on Possible Iran Strike

Prophecy Sign: The coming middle-east wars

Israel will likely go it alone once they decide on how to go about eliminating the Iranian nuclear threat to their existence. What will happen after this attack is anybodies guess, with opinions ranging from all out war involving everybody from Russia to the Americans, to nothing more than a whole lot of bluster and rhetoric.

A prophecy in Jeremiah would seem to describe a scenario in which Israel attacks and destroys Iran's nuclear facilities. The aftermath sees many Iranians dispersed throughout the world, (likely due to nuclear fallout). In this prophecy we read about Elam, which was an area located in present day Iran and which is now home to Iran’s one and only nuclear power plant, the Bushehr nuclear facility.

This is what the LORD Almighty says: “See, I will break the bow of Elam, the mainstay of their might. I will bring against Elam the four winds from the four quarters of heaven;
I will scatter them to the four winds, and there w…

Barroso to China: EU is not falling apart

Prophecy Sign:  The European Superstate - the revived Roman Empire

Here's a little gem of an article that had escaped our attention until today, (a full 2 weeks after it was published). The European Commission Chief recently told the Chinese that the EU will soon become a full fledge political entity. This will occur soon after the EU solves is current financial crisis.

This news in our view is huge, for it confirms our belief that the European Union/Euro Zone will eventually morph into a political super-state; Something along the lines of a United States of Europe. We believe this EU super state will be the revived Roman Empire of bible prophecy, from which the final 10 world kingdoms will birthed.  The prophecies of this final world empire are recorded in Daniel 2:40-43, Daniel 7:23-24 and Revelation 17:12-13

He gave me this explanation: ‘The fourth beast is a fourth kingdom that will appear on earth. It will be different from all the other kingdoms and will devour the whole eart…

Iran Defense Official: Iran's Warriors 'Ready to Wipe Israel Off the Map'

Prophecy Sign:  The coming Gog/Magog war of Ezekiel

In today’s news we learn that Iran is rapidly expanding its enrichment of uranium, and has told Israel that any attack on the Iranian nuclear facilities would result in Iran wiping Israel off the map. Meanwhile, Iran's ally in Russia, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has warned Israel that any attack on the Iranian nuclear facilities would have catastrophic consequences.

Just another day in the epi-centre and just another day closer to coming of the much prophesied Gog/Magog middle-east war, (Ezekiel 38 & 39), which the prophet Ezekiel wrote of over 2,500 years ago.

Prayer for peace for this region is essential. However, when God deems the time is right, this prophecy will be fulfilled. Are we now just mere days, weeks, months away from this fulfillment?  Will there be a preliminary war first, (Psalm 83), which will see the destruction of Damascus?  Stay tuned. Prophecy to be fulfilled.

From the articles:
Iranian rhetoric is spe…

Fears of 'catastrophe' as new virus hits farms

Prophecy Sign:  Pestilence and plagues

These are stories that are both amazing and frightening.  Animal livestock in various parts of the world are dieing of unexplainable diseases. From Germany to England, America to Nepal, such animals as cattle, horses, sheep and chickens are all dropping dead.

This sounds very much like a warning from God for the times of the end:

Therefore this is what the Lord, the LORD God Almighty, says: "There will be wailing in all the streets and cries of anguish in every public square. The farmers will be summoned to weep and the mourners to wail. Amos 5:16 NIV

From the articles:
This is one of 74 farms across England that have been struck by a new disease that is causing thousands of lambs to be born dead or with deformities that mean they cannot survive for more than a few minutes. A thousand farms across Europe have been hit in the last month or so – but nobody knows how bad things will get, because the lambing season is not yet in full swing. The di…

Suicide Bomber Attacks Nigeria Church, Three Killed

Prophecy Sign: Christian persecution, (especially in the Muslim nations)

The Arab Springs, (summer, fall and winter), have not helped the Christian communities in the effected nation that have seen massive uprisings. Invariably, these nations have seen the rise of Islamic parties and government, (eg. Tunisia and Egypt). This is leading to even greater persecution of Christians in these nations.

Prophecy expert, Walid Shoebat, a former Muslim himself, believes that the false religious system of the Tribulation period will be the Muslim religion, and that Islam will undertake a mass extermination of both Christians and Jews during the Tribulation for their refusal to convert to Islam. Mr. Shoebat's interpretation of prophecy is one that is seeing a growing trend for obvious reasons. Islam is taking over swaths of nations, and in its wake, all other religions, (not just Christianity), are persecuted.

We always ask that you keep our persecuted Christian brothers and sisters in your pr…

This weeks earthquake and volcano report

Prophecy Sign:  Earthquakes in diverse places, (volcanoes to)

A couple more re-awakening volcanoes, along with several major strength earthquakes strikes across the globe to report. France, Taiwan and Siberia all experienced the earthquakes, (now that’s a diverse mix), and the volcanoes are based in Central and South America.

As Jesus Christ warned, earthquakes, (and one would presume volcanic activity), would be a noticeable sign of his soon return.

Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning of birth pains. Matthew 24:7-8 NIV

From the articles:
It has been almost exactly 14 years since the last eruptive period for Rincón de la Vieja in Costa Rica, but it looks like the volcano might be awakening from its break. Last Thursday (Feb. 22), the volcano experienced two small explosions in the early morning. Seismic records suggest the volcano also had small explosions on Feb. 19 and 20, ac…

Obama sends letter of apology for Qur'an burning

Prophecy Sign:  Hypocrisy and an upside down world, (we know...maybe not a biblical prophecy)

With apologies to our American friends, but we don't much like your current President.  In fact we consider him to be a huge hypocrite.  Case in point:  He will apologize to the followers of Islam because a few of his armed forces personnel in Afghanistan burned a Koran or two, (it's wrong to burn any ones holy books as far as we are concerned).  President Obama expressed apologies for the way in which religious material was mishandled.
Flash back nearly two years.How many remember when the U.S. military was ordered to burn several hundred copies of the bible that were printed in the Afghan language?  There was to our knowledge, no apologies forthcoming from the President for the "mishandling of religious material" in that case.And this man calls himself a Christian?  What a hypocrite.  We know, we are supposed to pray for the leaders of our nations; sometimes though it is r…

Vladimir Putin issues 'victory' battle-cry ahead of Russia polls

Prophecy Sign: Gog, the leader of the Magog alliance

If we are as close to the fulfillment of the Ezekiel prophesied Gog of Magog war, then the leader of that alliance should now be building his power base and showing his belligerence. As most bible prophecy historian have concluded the land of Magog to be Russia, then the leader of Magog, (Russia), would have to be a Russia military or political leader. Such a person as current Russian Prime Minister, Vladimr Putin perhaps?

Vladimir Putin is currently in the midst of another Presidential campaign in which he is expected to win by a large margin. The term for a Russian President is 6 years. More than enough time for Putin to strengthen the Russian military and to line up any alliances for a middle-east war.

Judging by the articles we have included with this blog entry, Putin is well on his way to becoming the belligerent head of the Russian Bear. While we can't say for sure that Putin will ultimately be Gog of the land of Magog t…

Firestorm Forecast: 'Syria can set region ablaze'

Prophecy Sign: The destiny of Syrian and Damascus

There are just so many fuses that potentially could set fire to the middle-east and be the start of WW3 in that region. Iran’s race for nuclear weapons and Israel's likely response to those goals seems to be the most likely start to any war, but the Syrian situation could equally ignite a war.

News reports indicate that the western powers are in the planning stages for military intervention into Syria. At the same time, Russia and China rejected all UN resolutions condemning Syria, with Russia indicating it would stand by its long time ally. As well, Iran has also said it would not allow any intervention into Syria and stands by the regime of Bashar al Assad.

The prophets Isaiah, (Isaiah 17), and Jeremiah, (Jeremiah 49) saw the end-times destiny of Syria and Damascus. They both foresaw the destruction of Damascus. Are we now standing at the door to the fulfillment of these prophecies?

From the articles:
Despite public denials, milit…

Germ warfare: The creation of a lethal virus sparks a debate pitting science against security

Prophecy Sign: Pestilence and plagues

The Apostle John, when looking into the future, saw a time during the very last days when many millions of people would perish because of global plagues. While he knew these events where to come and warned about them in the book of Revelation, he probably didn't know how or what would be the cause of these plagues.

Well how about some money hungry mad scientist, together with a well funded terrorist group unleashing a bio-weapon upon the peoples of the world?. A contagious avian flu strain perhaps?

We truly live in perilous times.

I looked, and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was named Death, and Hades was following close behind him. They were given power over a fourth of the earth to kill by sword, famine and plague, and by the wild beasts of the earth.

From the article:
When two groups of scientists on either side of the Atlantic engineered a highly contagious strain of avian flu, their findings were variously hailed as brilliant, …

‘Iranian nuclear scientist's ultimate goal was annihilation of Israel'

Prophecy Sign:  The Gog/Magog middle-east war - Iran

Each day brings the world a little closer to the awful fallout of a major middle-east war. Whether the current geo-political events in the middle-east are the prelude to the Ezekiel Gog/Magog war, or the Assaph Psalm 83 war matters not. What does matter is that any middle-east war will likely mean many deaths, and a major impact on an already shaky global economy.

In today's news we see that Iran continues to drive towards is nuclear weapons goal, and if that goal of a nuclear weapon was ever in doubt, today’s news should put that question to rest. In a revealing interview, the wife one of the Iranian nuclear scientists suspect to have been assassinated by Israel says that is was her husband’s ultimate goal to annihilate Israel. Iran may say it's nuclear ambitions are peaceful, buts that peace comes after they have created chaos in the world, driven the Jews into the sea, and brought about their messiah, the Mahdi. Sure, Ira…