Indiana Experts Wary Of Earthquake Swarm

There has been a lot of earthquake activity of late, including of course the devastating quake in New Zealand that has seen at least 75 deaths.  And then there have been all the recent tremors over the last 6 months that have been shaking the Mid-West of America.  What's up with that?
Matthew, Mark and Luke all recounted the words of Jesus Christ when he said that the world would see many earthquakes in diverse places just prior to his return to this earth.  Is that what we are now seeing?

From the articles:
A half-dozen quakes shook one Arkansas community on Monday morning, with more than 700 recorded in Faulkner County, Arkansas within the past six months. Although most of the tremors are too small to be felt by humans, experts across the Midwest are trying to find out why they are occurring. "This is absolutely a phenomenon, an interest to seismologists in this part of the country," said Michael Hamburger, a professor of geological sciences at Indiana University. "We're all trying to make sense of it."
A strong earthquake struck the South Pacific Ocean on late Monday evening, northwest of the Kermadec Islands, seismologists said, but no tsunami warnings were issued. The 6.4-magnitude earthquake at 10.57 p.m. local time (1057 GMT) was centered about 505 kilometers (315 miles) northwest of Raoul Island, which is part of the Kermadec Islands. It struck about 540 kilometers (336 miles) deep, making it an extremely deep earthquake, according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS).

Indiana Experts Wary Of Earthquake Swarm

Strong earthquake hits the South Pacific Ocean, northwest of the Kermadec Islands


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