Sunspots Predict 'Major Crisis' After 2013

Well, if the global economic news were not gloomy enough, here we have a prognosticator who says there is a correlation between sunspot activity and volatility in the markets;  The more sunspot activity, the higher the volatility.  Of course we all know that the solar max is approaching, slated to be at its peak in 2012.  This is an interesting article and a video that goes with it.

How does this fit into bible prophecy?  Well maybe it doesn't, but given the bible warns of coming economic tsunamis, it may be just another small piece of the puzzle.

From the article:
Sunspots are moving in direct correlation with activity in the markets and they are predicting a crisis in about three years, technical analyst Charles Nenner told CNBC Monday. If there is a high intensity of sunspots, markets rise, if their intensity lowers, markets go down because sunspots affect people's mood, Nenner explained. "What (former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan) Greenspan called exuberance is just the fact that these sunspots were going up," he said. "If you really study it, (sunspot activity) is very regular." Markets are likely to "muddle" through until 2013 "then we will go in a major crisis based on the sunspot activity," he predicted.

Sunspots Predict 'Major Crisis' After 2013


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