Mobile Wallet Moving Closer

The "Mark of the Beast" system; whereby a person will not be able to buy or sell (Revelation 13) without having this "Mark" in their hand or forehead, is upon us.  This article not only announces that we are heading for a cashless society, (we are mostly there already with Debit Cards and Credit Cards), but also will soon have a payment system that will only require you to wave your smart phone over a reader to make the transaction.  Right now the idea is to implant the necessary chips into your smart phone, but soon the order will go out that this chip/mark must be implanted on the human body.

From the article:
We have been following the Mobile Wallet news as we move towards the idea of a cashless society. While moving society in that direction, there are many steps in that journey to be accomplished. With credit cards and ATM cards, we do not have to carry cash as we once did.

Several companies have been providing the necessary chips to allow for waving you phone over a device which would register the sale and add the purchase directly to you cell phone bill or act as a direct charge to your bank account. Adding the necessary software into those chips and you have all that is necessary for the smart phone to handle the transaction.

The future in this area is now starting to emerge and we should see a number of companies producing chips for the smart phones and new devices for retailers for waving your phone over to make a purchase. The mobile space is wide open for these kinds of things and more will be coming to add value to your smart phone as a mobile wallet.

Mobile Wallet Moving Closer


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