Haiti cholera spreading faster than predicted, UN says

Poor Haiti.  Please pray for this nation and its people. 

Haiti is a microcosm and precursor of some of the coming Tribulation events.  Haiti has gone through a devastating earthquake, followed by floods from a recent Hurricane, which has now led to a major cholera outbreak that could impact hundreds of thousands of people.

The book of Revelation contains warnings of coming world wide disasters that will include major earthquakes, food shortages and deadly disease outbreaks.  Haiti’s ongoing experience only goes to show just how quickly life can change, and how devastating the "acts of God" can be.  But even through all this, many Haitians have come to a new found faith in Jesus Christ.  The same will also happen during the dark days of the coming Tribulation, as many people will be come to know Christ as their Savior.

From the articles:
The cholera epidemic in Haiti is spreading twice as fast as had been estimated and is likely to result in hundreds of thousands of cases in the coming months, the UN says. The UN's humanitarian coordinator for Haiti, Nigel Fisher, said aid agencies would have to "ratchet up" their response and send more medical staff. The Haitian government says 1415 people are confirmed to have died. The epidemic has complicated preparations for elections next Sunday. Mr. Fisher said more than 200,000 cases of infection could be recorded in the first three months instead of six months as first estimated.

Haiti cholera spreading faster than predicted, UN says


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