Canadian school districts buck the trend

STOP THE PRESSES!!  School districts in Canada actually declaring the Christmas holidays to be "The Christmas Holidays", in school no less?  And another Ontario school district actually saying it’s a good thing to hand out bibles to their students?  What just happened here??

In Canada there is no such thing as the separation of Church and State as there is in the United States.  The only thing keeping the bible or Christianity out of the public school systems are the elected school boards.  Should an elected board, (as in these cases), decide to allow the distribution of bibles to students or revert to the Christian name for certain holidays, it is totally within their rights to do so.  And we as Canadian Christians should back them up in every respect for taking these stands in this very secular world.

Chilliwack school trustees have unanimously passed a motion to call the school vacation in December the Christmas holidays. The break is currently referred to as the winter vacation on the school district calendar, but trustee Martha Wiens said that's not what the holiday is about. "We're not having a holiday because it's winter," she said during a board meeting Tuesday. "We are having a holiday because it's Christmas, so why not just say what it is."  "I say let's take a walk on the wild side, and unless the legislation says we're not allowed to call it Christmas, let's call it Christmas," said Trustee Heather Maahs, who introduced the motion.
An Ontario school board’s vote to allow the distribution of Bibles in classrooms has created a rift between those who insist religion has been pushed too far outside the mainstream of society and those who believe proselytizing should never be allowed in a public school system. “The distribution of these Bibles is causing division in our community and making many of our teachers uncomfortable,” said Rick Pryce, a local Lutheran minister. “This is an issue of justice and it is wrong to divide people along religious lines.”
On Monday, the school board that encompasses Kitchener and the surrounding environs, the Waterloo Region District School Board, voted to let Gideons International in Canada to distribute Bibles to Grade 5 students. The schools gives permission slips to each student who in turn must get parental permission to receive a Gideon’s Bible. The Bibles are then handed out to students in the classroom to take home and are not for classroom use. “A public school needs to educate the whole child … It seems to me if we want to see students survive in life and make the correct decisions they have to have some knowledge of religious feeling,” said Colin Harrington,  a trustee who voted in favour of Bibles being handed out.

trustees ice 'winter vacation,' opt for Christmas holidays
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Bible distribution in classrooms divides Ontario community


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