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Earthquakes continue to shake the world

Three more earthquakes of a magnitued 6.0 or greater in the last week. Quakes in the Phillipines, (6.1), Chile, (6,2), and the Andaman Islands, (6.4).

The bible tells us that there will be great earthquakes in diverse places in the last days. (Luke 21:11)

Undersea volcano threatens southern Italy

Coming on the heals of a recent volcanic eruption on Iceland, comes news that a massive undersea volcano is becoming active with a large magma buildup. Scientists say the volcano could erupt at anytime, and should it do so, would cause a tsunami that would devastate southern Italy.

With all of the earthquake activity this year, and now volcanic activity, makes you wonder if bible prophecy is nearing the end times.

An avalanche is brewing in 2012

More news that 2012 may be apocolyptic in more ways than one. As we've noted before, there is a debt time bomb brewing that may come due starting in 2012 that may greatly effect the global economy. With both corporate debt and government debt clashing over finite resources, something is going to give. (read here for more info).

Biometric identity project in India - Precursor to the Mark?

A brand new huge undertaking in India is now underway that will see all 1.2 Billion people in that nation assigned a new hi-tech identity number which will include each person's biometic information, (fingerprints, etc.). The information will then be stored in a national computer database. This comes after it was announced in recent weeks that the United States wants to set up a similar program whereby each worker in America would be assigned a National ID card also containing biometric information.

This, coupled with a headline that reads: "New RFID Tag Could Mean the End of Bar Codes" The article describes a brand new way of affixing a "tag" to products your purchase by simply printing the tag right onto the product. No secondary process of adding an RFID chip is required. The tag uses ink laced with carbon nanotubes and is added to the product at the t…

Brian McLaren at it again

Brian McLaren is considered an influential "evangelical" Christian by many, and a "wolf in sheep's clothing" by many other Christians, (including us).

McLaren's beliefs include questioning the required sheding of blood by Jesus on the cross as an atonment of our sins. He also believes that those of different religions, (non-christians), are not lost to an eternity without God, but in fact will be part of the Kingdom of God, simply because they have not "opted out" of the program.

This man is dangerous, and we implore you to ignore and reject his brand of "Christianity" and any others that espouse his ideas.

"Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves". Matthew 7:15

Jesus - Will he return?

Quote: "Each generation of Christians believes that theirs may be the last. In these deeply troubled times, the question once again rises to the fore: Is Christ about to come back? Leading religious figures explore the myths, the doctrines, and the controversies. And we ask, What’s this mean for America"? Unquote (and the World for that matter, we say).

The following article is somewhat lengthy, but is very interesting. It Explores the various beliefs with regard to end-times prophecy, neither purporting or refuting any particular belief.

Massive fortress Ottawa in the works

So what's Ottawa up to now? From the Ottawa Citizen comes word that the government is seeking thousands of security devices. The security cameras alone, (3,000), total 40% of the entire London England complement of closed circut cameras that monitor the British capital. This is apparently for just one building complex in the works. Really??? What is it??? Fort Knox north? Our could our federal government be looking to implement some other surveillance agenda?

Read here for more:

Alliances continue to form up against Israel

The prophecy contained in Psalms 83, indicates a coming war against Israel with the combants consisting of nations and groups immediately surrounding Israel , (Syria, Lebanon, The Palestinians, etc.). Their clearly stated objective is thus:

"Come," they say, "let us destroy them as a nation, that the name of Israel be remembered no more." Psalm 83:4

This confederacy of nations or helpful proxy's continue to vented their hatred towards the Jewish nation, and make it clear that this prophecied battle is getting closer every day.

Kadhafi hosts first Arab summit in bid to 'rescue' Jerusalem

Jordan king says Israel is playing with fire

Qatar Asserts Syria's Right to Restore the Occupied Golan

Saudi Arabia: World Must Intervene with "…

Freedom of speach gone in Canada?

Love her or hate her, U.S. right wing political commentator, Ann Coulter certainly knows how to stir the pot. A Canadian conservative organization brought Coulter north of the border to test if freedom of speach still existed in Canada and at Canadian universities in particular.

Well the University of Ottawa received a great big "F" on its report card, as radical left-wing students caused such a scene that Coulter's personal body card pulled the plug on the scheduled speach.

Now as Christians, we find much of Ann Coulter's comments to be bombastic and perhaps at times, even vitriol. But in this country, we are still afforded the right to "freedom of expression", even if those comments might be offensive to someone else. (Section 2 of Charter of Rights & Freedoms).

Tell that to the students of our so-called "enlightened" universities where political discourse has all but disappeared due to political correctness. It won't be long until Bible be…

Only 7% of Israelis view President Obama as Pro-Israel

An Israeli poll showed that 42% of respondents considered U.S. President Barack Obama as Pro-Arab, while only 7% said he was Pro-Israel. Considering that it has been reported that Obama wont allow any photos taken of him with Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, it isn't any wonder, why Israelis would think that way.

With friends like Barack Obama, who needs enemies?

Music banned because it sounds "religious"

You read the headline correctly, music cannot be played in American schools if it sounds "religious". The U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear a case were lower courts banned music which sounded "religious". You can read more here:

What's happening to our neighbors south of the border?

United States - First nation to require citizens to be microchiped?

With the passing of the U.S. healthcare bill this past weekend, comes news that contained within the 1,000 page document were provisions for RFID implantable microchips. The chips would be used, quote: "for the purpose of controlling who is, or isn’t, allowed medical care in their country" unquote. This framework would make the United States the first nation to have such orwellian legislation.

Also, it has since be made public that the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, (IRS), will have 16,500 new agents added to its enforcement agency. These agents have the power to audit individual U.S. citizens, as well as businesses to ensure that they have purchased adequate insurance coverage under the new Obamacare healthcare bill. Households could be fined up to $2,250 for failure to comply with the new system.

Welcome to AMERIKA.

Earthquakes continue to shake planet

A couple more smaller earthquakes this weekend. A 5.3 magnitude quake rattled Guatemala, and a 5.6 magnitude quake struck near Cuba. Earthquakes in "diverse" places continue to meet the prophecies written about in the New Testament.

Volcano erupts in Iceland

A volcano that has been dormant for 200 years has erupted in Iceland. With the recent upswing in worldwide siesmic activity, it's not surprising that volcanic activty would follow suit.

Cyclones wreak havoc in South Pacific

Another predictive prophetic event to watch for in these end of days, is the "roaring and tossing of seas", mentioned in Luke 21:25.

Consider former U.S. Vice-President, Al Gore and the recent Global Warning hysteria. The world was awash with dire warnings that oceans would rise by several feet and hurricane activity would become rampant. Well, we tend not to beleive the hyperbola, but seas certainly are roaring in many places as these headlines would attest.

Solar Max and 2012

How many of you are aware that a spectacular sign in the sky is just around the corner?

In 2006, NASA anounced that the next Solar Max, (sunspot activity), will be at its peak in 2012, and will be one of the strongest cycles that have occured since 1958. Couple with this renewed solar activity, comes another NASA announcement that there will be a "hole" in the Earth's magnetosphere that will also occur in 2012. The magnetosphere is like a giant shield that protects the Earth from the damaging effects of the Sun's solar flares.

With the expected high intensity solar max and the hole in the protective shield, there is great concern that many areas here on Earth will see damage to electrical grids, and that satellites and communication will be disrupted, if not damaged completely.

The Bible does tell us there will be signs in the Sun, Moon and Stars in the last days, (Luke 21:25),2933,468268,00.html (story on magnetic field)


United States heading for a debt "avalance" starting in 2012

This past week, Moody's Investor Services warned that in may drop the AAA credit rating for the United States if debt loads are not reigned in. Now comes another article indicating that not only is the United States sovereign debt, (government debt), a major concern, but corporate "junk bonds" are now ready to come due starting in 2012. With both the U.S government searching for financing for its year to year deficits, and business also searching for refinancing of their corporate bonds, analysts are predicting a "maturity wall". This is where huge amounts of debt needs to be dealt with, all at the same time. This could seriously harm the economy.

It is coming so ever closer where the global economy will simply collapse on itself, and allow for a "New world order" to arise out of the ashes. (read the articles here)


Bible Prophecy interpretations should not divide us

Here's a link to a great article entitled, "Popular Prophecy: Checking Dogma Twice" written by Wilfred Hahn. The article discusses differences in interpretation of scripture when it comes to Bible prophecy, and how "Dogma" can set in about particular aspects of prophecy.

Prophecy is interpretative, and no one can know if their interpretation is the correct interpretation until we all stand before the giver of prophecy himself, the God of the Universe, and the end of days.

So let's not get bent out of shape if someone happens to have a different interpretation that yours. Check out the article here:

Israel/American relations "hit 35 year low"

Is their any correlation between how a nation treats Israel and how blessed or cursed that nation seems to be? Israel, and the Jewish people are still very, very important to our creator God, and will ultimately play an integral part in end times events. God makes it very clear that any nation that curses Israel will be cursed by God and any nation that supports Israel will be blessed by God.

"I will make you into a great nation and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you." Genesis 12:2-3

Recent headlines would seem to suggest the blessing the United States has received for supporting Israel over the past decades is being taken away:

"Obama runs out of patience with Israel"
"Wall Street Journal: Why is Obam…

Catholic Church Cardinals petition for "Dogma" to recognize Mary as Co-redemptrix

Several Cardinals within the Catholic Church are petitioning to have a Proclamation of Dogma declared that would officialy recognize Mary, the mother of Jesus, as a co-redemptrix, on par with Jesus in the redemption of mankind. (read here)

There is however, only one redeemer, and that is our Lord Jesus Christ. Please read the following if you are one that happens to believe this Catholic teaching:

The Catholic Church continues to fall away further from the Biblical teachings of Jesus Christ and his Apostles. (read 1 Timothy 4:1 )

Jews leaving North America to imigrate to Israel

With Anti-Semitism on the rise world wide, including in North America, (most especially in Toronto and Montreal), Jewish North Americans are now looking to imigrate to Israel. Jewish agencies and government offices are helping to facilitate this transistion:,7340,L-3858282,00.html

In the prophecies of Deuteronomy & Ezekiel, God tells us that in the end of days, he will gather from out of all the nations, his people into the land of their forefathers, (Israel). Already, over 5,000,000 Jews now live in Israel, with more arriving every day.

World blasts Israel over new building plans in Jerusalem

The world continues to demand that Israel, relinquish East Jerusalem, and allow it to become the new capital of an independent Palestinian state. Israel captured all of Jerusalem in the 1967 war, and says it will not give up any part of its capital city in any land for peace deals.

The bible tells us that in the last days, Jerusalem will become a "burdensome stone", and all that burden themselves with it "shall be cut in pieces", Zechariah 12:3

Personal liberties threatened with new proposals

Two recent headlines should make us all sit up and take notice.

"ID Card for Workers Is at Center of Immigration Plan"

A new national biometric identification card is in the works for all workers in the United States, (and one would presume Canada and Mexico would follow suit). The card would be required for all workers, and would included embedded finger prints and personal information. The justification for this new card is to prevent employers from hiring illegal immigrants. What's the next step, the same information in the form of a I.D. chip inserted into your hand or forehead?

The second headline:

"President Obama backs DNA test in arrests"

United States President, Barack Obama is very much in favour of a national database to store the DNA of people arrested but not necessarily convicted of…

The Economy - Not out of the woods yet

A previous post on this site warned that the global economy is still far from healthy. In fact many economists are warning that we may be heading for a far worse scenario than what occured in 2009. The Bible in the book of Revelation prophecies that the world will operate under a one world economic system, which will be controlled by a brilliant, yet machiavellian/evil individual. In order for this to happen, the present economic system we operate under must be destroyed, and from the ashes a new "world order" will be established. Some recent headlines can be found here:

"Collapse of the American Empire: swift, silent, certain"

"The Global Debt Crisis"

"States Facing Financial Doomsday as Debts Mount"

I would advice those t…

Big quake question: Are they getting worse?

Have you noticed, earthquakes seemed to be occuring with more and more frequency? Here is a list of earthquakes that have made the headlines since the start of the new year, (2010):

January 12 - Haiti 7.0 magnitude
February 18 - North Korea 6.9 magnitude
February 26 - Okinawa 7.0 magnitude
February 27 - Chile 8.8 magnitude
March 5 - Chile 6.6 magnitude (aftershock)
March 5 - Sumatra 6.5 magnitude
March 6 - Turkey 6.0 magnitude

In fact, there have been 70 earthquakes in the last week, (March 1-8) with a magnitude 5.0 or better. The interesting think is the diversity of locations. Large earthquakes are occuring all over world. You can find the link to that information here:

Even the mainstream media is starting to take note of the increase in earthquake activity. MSNBC has an article asking if earthquakes are getting worse. In the article, they note that seismic activity has been more active in the last 15 years, relative to…

The World teeters on the brink of economic collapse?

Some interesting news headlines today with regards to the economy of the World at large. Those headline would suggest that all is not well economically, and a situation is developing that ultimately will be far, far worse than the recent economic downturn we have just seen the nations of the world come out of.

The problem is debt. Governments around the world have plunged their various nations so far in the whole, that there is no climbing out. And once interest rates start to rise, the financially weaker nations will start to topple. One such nation currently in dire straights is Greece. The European Union is debating what can be done, if anything, to prop-up Greece financially. The worry is, if that one dominoe falls, the whole house of cards will come tumbling after it, (excuse the mixed-metaphors). Some observers are now wondering if the whole scenario is a "set-up" to bring about a new economic world order. Remember what was prophecied in the book of Revelation:


Conflict between Israel & Palestinians is Becoming Religious

Israel's Opposition Leader, Tzipi Livni expressed concern that the deteriorating diplomatic situation between Israel and the Palestinians "is about to turn into a religious conflict that will be impossible to solve". The issue that precipitated the diplomatic impass was Israel's recent declaration of several sites located within the West Bank as "Jewish heritage sites", requiring protection. This has set off a storm of protest with the Palestinians, with some now calling for a new Intifada, (war), against Israel with the support of the Muslim countries.

Are we seeing the developements that may lead to the fulfilment of the Psalm 83 prophecied war?

New Global economic systems continues to build steam

"You never want a serious crisis to go to waste." With those words, President Barack Obama's White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, kicked off the recent rush towards the new economic world order. Think it's not happening? Read these headlines:

Jim Davidson: Dollar, Market Headed for Collapse:

Prudential plans new world order:

I.M.F. Chief Suggests Look at New Reserve Currency:

IMF wants new power to supervise global financial system:

Keep in mind what the Apostle John prophecied in the book of Revelation:

"He also forced everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark of his rig…

Earthquakes & Storms continue to pummel the World

It has been nearly 8 weeks since the devasting 7.0 magnitude Haiti Earthquake that killed an estimated 200,000 people. Now another massive Earthquake measuring 8.8 magnitude has rocked Chile, with 700 dead so far, with many more deaths expected. Just days before the Chile Earthquake, a 7.0 quake shook the Island of Okinawa, Japan

In addition to these Earthquakes, comes news of a deadly storm with Hurricane force winds lashing the European Atlantic coast, with some 50 deaths attributed to the storm. And finally, a third major snow storm hit the North American Atlantic coast dumping over a foot of new snow, making this winter, one of the worst in decades for Eastern North America.

"There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars. On the earth, nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea. Men will faint from terror, apprehensive of what is coming on the world, for the heavenly bodies will be shaken." Luke 21:25-26…

Poor Russian Olympic results show more about Russian "Bears" re-emergence

So how many watched and enjoyed the just completed Olympics? How many were thrilled with Canada's hockey overtime Gold Medal win over the United States? Well as it turns out, the Russian Empire does not think much of the Canadian hockey team, and of Canada itself. Russia, it would appear, needs to be taught a few lessons in excepting defeat gracefully. In fact the diatribe listed below tells us much about the simmering mentality of the hidden Russian Bear which is about to re-emerge from two decades of slumber.

This is a paragraph from the article in question:

"For once and for all, let us blow that idiotic reference to “collapse of the USSR” into outer space and leave it there. The Soviet Union did not collapse. It simply disengaged, on a voluntary basis, as foreseen in its Constitution. No sweat, no problems, no big deal. Its original objectives had been achieved in full: security of the state, security on the streets, universal education, women’s rights, excellent and fr…