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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Signs of the Last Days - News for the week of January 8 - January 14, 2017

Two very important events are to occur this coming week.

Tomorrow,  (January 15), some 70 nations will gather in Paris France to seek to carve up the Holy Land further from what has occurred to date, (since the creation of the Jewish State).  This global venture will attempt to create a Palestinian State and proclaim the pre-1967 borders as the basis point for further negotiations.  Israel fears that whatever comes out of this conference will then be taken to the United Nations on January 17 for yet another anti-Israel U.N. resolution.  It is feared that the Obama administration will once again abstain from the vote, allowing whatever proclamation to pass thereby creating some form of two-state solution which will handicap the incoming Trump administration from being able to do much about it in protection of Israel's interests and security.  

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: "May those who love you be secure. Psalm 122:6

The second event is of course the inauguration, (January 20th), of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States and the other members of his incoming administration.  Some very interesting numbers connect President-Elect Trump and the nation of Israel, (you can find that information in the article below, or watch the accompanying video which is based on that same article). These interesting number correlations seem to point to 2017 as very significant in both the history of Israel and the times of the end.

We know that God Almighty is a god of numbers and patterns, and is not a capricious god, (erratically changing his mind).  God has had a date circled on his calendar since the dawn of time that only he knows of which when that date arrives he will tap his son Jesus Christ on the shoulder and will tell him to go fetch his children, (the Church - Rapture).  We believe that event is very close at hand.

As for Donald Trump, some very interesting videos are surfacing from programs decades old which seem to have predicted the rise of Trump as this point in human history.  Perhaps many of you are familiar with the Simpsons program which has had an uncanny ability in predicting future events including the rise of Donald Trump, (Trump election predicted by The Simpson - youtube).  Another video has surfaced, (Trump Trackdown - see below), which has some very spooky correlations to Donald Trump and one of his major campaign promises.....that of building a wall.  We suggest you watch that video and come to your own conclusion if this is mere coincidence or something much more.

11 Numbers That Connect the Year 2017, Israel and Donald Trump
Is 2017 going to be the most important year we have seen in a very, very long time? Because of the work I do, I am constantly immersed in research, and lately I keep coming across very strange "coincidences" regarding the year 2017. The numbers I am about to share with you certainly appear to be quite remarkable, but there will be many out there who will question their significance. To the naysayers, I would suggest that from the very beginning, God has always put a lot of emphasis on numbers. For example, He created the world in precisely seven days, and on the seventh day He rested. Throughout Scripture, we see certain numbers showing up over and over again, and God has a purpose in that. So please keep this in mind as you consider the following 11 numbers that connect the year 2017, Israel and Donald Trump.

Speaking of Trump and just for fun:

"A man named Trump appears in an episode of the 1950s Western called Trackdown. Trump in this episode is a con man who comes into town declaring the end of the world at midnight. According to Trump he is the only one who can save them by building a wall." The Daily Crow

As for other events occurring this week, there is certainly a great deal of build-up to war.  In fact in a recent poll of  people living in the Western Nations, the majority believe world war 3 is on its way, and its no wonder they think that way looking at the articles listed below.

At the same time that war is on the lips of many, the globalists are doubling down on their plans for the global economy calling for changes to our present day free-market system to that which would be controlled by a centralized world bank with much more governmental control.  These are aspects of the coming New Economic World Order that we foresee will be the economy of the Anti-Christ and his 10 cohorts, (Kings/Kingdoms - Daniel 7, Revelation 17).

One of the prophetic signs we look at with great interest and which convinces us that time is very short is the race towards recreating humankind with both genetic manipulation and machine/human integration.  This drive to recreate human beings to that of Humanity 2.0, (Transhumanism), is what many call the Days of Noah revived and of which God will call to and end before the Transhumanists achieve their goals.  Messing with the creation of God is one of the major lines in the sand that will bring about the coming Tribulation period and the ultimate judgement of God on an unrepentant humanity.

As we look at the world, we see everything from rising numbers of earthquakes and volcanoes, cosmic events, (meteors, comments and new stars in the sky), increasing numbers of animal deaths, arising apostasy in the Christian church, and the general increase in societal collapse the world over. All signs of the Last Days and all coming together at the very same time, (convergence).

If you are not a follower and believer in Jesus Christ as yet, we would plead with you to study this blog and others like it to confirm for yourself that the prophesies of the bible are true and we are indeed moving into unprecedented times.  Time is short, don't delay please consider making a decision for Jesus Christ now while you are still afforded the time.

For those already in the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, keep looking up for you redemption drawth nigh.

Until next week. Maranatha

Prophecy Sign:  Rumors of War - Matthew 24:6

North Korea says it will launch a nuke ‘anytime and anywhere… the supreme headquarters’ wants

North Korea says can test-launch ICBM at any time: official news agency

Pakistan fires 'first submarine-launched nuclear-capable missile'

China's secret 'humpback' stealth nuclear sub surfaces with missiles that could reach anywhere in the US

US Troops Deployment 'Turning Europe into a Tinderbox Ready to Ignite'

Thousands of US troops on Russia's doorstep in Poland deployment

US Army moves 2,500 tanks, trucks and military vehicles into Europe in the biggest troop transfer since the Cold War

Thousands of US Troops Touch Ground in Europe on Way to Russian Frontier

Russia deploys anti-aircraft missile systems around Moscow to protect the capital from attack in latest sign Putin is preparing for war 

More than 60% of Swedes say US threatens world peace & security – poll

Prophecy Sign:  Jerusalem/Israel - The Burdensome Stone - Zechariah 12-3

The 70 Nations That Will Meet In Paris On January 15th Are Going To Publicly Commit To Dividing The Land Of Israel

A draft of the summary statement that will be released at the conclusion of the 70 nation conference in Paris on Sunday has been leaked. As you will see below, this communique is going to call for the division of the land of Israel, for the establishment of a Palestinian state, for the 1967 borders to serve as the basis for final negotiations between the Israelis and the Palestinians, and for the condemnation of any officials that refuse to support a two state solution.

Paris conference to ask Israel and PA to commit to two states

In Paris, further maneuvers against Israel indicate Obama ‘has gone rogue’

Another 5,000 Jews quit France for Israel: agency

40,000 Jews Have Fled France In 10 Years Amid Rising Anti-Semitism

Prophecy Sign:  The coming cashless society, (Mark of the Best system) - Revelation 13:16-17

The rise of the cashless city: 'There is this real danger of exclusion'


Prophecy Sign:  The coming global surveillance/police state - Revelation 13:7

N.S.A. Gets More Latitude to Share Intercepted Communications

Police worldwide eye Baltimore's vast surveillance complex

Prophecy Sign:  The New Economic World Order of the future Antichrist  - Revelation 17 & 18

Economic Collapse Next? The Globalists and Elitists at The World Economic Forum Claim Capitalism Needs Urgent Reform

World Economic Forum says capitalism needs urgent change

China's Xi to promote globalization at Davos, not 'war and poverty'

Prepare for a world without work

Prophecy Sign:  The coming global false religious system - Revelation 17

Christian Clergy Welcomes Islam in Church, Then Bows to It

When "Peace" Means Capitulation to Islam

Prophecy Sign:  Increasing apostasy  - The Last Days Laodicean Church - 2 Timothy 4:2, Revelation 3:14-22

Apocalypse Later: Millennial Evangelicals, Israel-Palestine, and the Kingdom of God

Pew Report: Religion Plummeted in America During Obama Era

Married lesbian couple to lead prominent D.C. Baptist church

20+ faith leaders ‘bless’ Planned Parenthood’s new flagship DC abortion center

Prophecy Sign:  The Gospel will be preached to the whole world - Matthew 24:14

Scores of Muslims Turning to Christ in Middle East; Churches Expecting 'Millions' of Converts

How God is at Work in the Shadow of ISIS

Prophecy Sign:  Increased Knowledge - Genetics/Transhumanism - Daniel 12:4

Exponential Growth Will Transform Humanity in the Next 30 Years

How man will merge with machines: Elon Musk reveals he thinks we will become ‘AI-human symbiotes’

Robot kill switches & legal status: MEPs endorse AI proposal, (legal status as electronic persons)

Babies made without mothers 'will come sooner than we think'

Prophecy Sign:  Anomalous weather patterns, (Roaring and Tossing Seas) - Luke 21:25 

Climate change could cause ocean currents to COLLAPSE plunging the Northern hemisphere into an ice age, warn scientists

Cold brings chaos to Europe

From Istanbul to Moscow, cold snap wreaks havoc across Europe

Winter tightens its deadly grip around the Northern Hemisphere killing dozens in Europe

Pravda: “Scientists Now Warn Of A New Ice Age” As Temperature Plummets to – 80°F In Russia

Prophecy Sign:  Societal Collapse - 2 Timothy 3:1-5

Islamic funded British universities and how they foment anti-Semitism

Students demand Plato, Descartes and other white philosophers be dropped from curriculum

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Signs of the Last Days - News for the week of January 1 - January 7, 2017

What does the year 2017 have in store for the world?  Or more to the point, what does God have planned for the immediate future?

Here are just a few things that are being warned of for the coming year, (articles below):

2017 will be a bad year for both Christian and Jewish persecution as levels rise world wide

2017 could see the end of the European Union, with more instability globally.

2017 could see an entire global economic collapse should an internet shut-down occur

2017 is the expected year of Alien disclosure

2017 will see CRISPR and other genetic manipulation technology increase exponentially

2017 will see antibiotic resistance hit a "terrible tipping point"

The 2020's, (only 3 years away), will be a period of time when we will see global societal collapse, (can you say "Tribulation"??)

In the meantime, rumors of war continue to propagate the news as tensions between America and Russia increase.  Troops from both nations begin to amass in Eastern Europe.

Mass animal deaths continue to make news on a daily basis, and its not just a few birds or a handful of fish, but tons and tons of various forms of aquatic life, thousands of birds, hundreds of animals, all just up and dying in unprecedented numbers.

The numbers of major earthquakes have shown "astonishing growth" in occurrences over just the last 100 years. At the same time a number of super-volcanoes are at critical phases with both imminent eruptions expected or the proverbial "big one" earthquake in the offing.

The big thing on the immediate horizon is the gathering of nations, (70 to be exact, which is a very interesting number), this coming January 15 to further split the land God gave the Jewish people.  At this meeting in Paris, the nations will attempt to carve out a new nation called Palestine, with concerns being raised that the Obama administration will have one last strike at Israel.  Here is the stated goal of the upcoming conference:

"The stated goal of this conference is to promote a “two-state solution” to the long-running Arab-Israel conflict. There is concern in Israel that whatever is agreed upon will immediately be used as the basis for a UN Security Council resolution that would permanently divide the land and create a Palestinian state." 

Should the above occur, then watch out.....this is definitely the line in the sand that God has drawn and which will see judgement come upon the world.

I will gather all nations and bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat. There I will put them on trial for what they did to my inheritance, my people Israel, because they scattered my people among the nations and divided up my land. Joel 3:2 NIV

With respect to 2017, we have found another very interesting video which seeks to make sense of it all, and which should give us all a great deal of hope in this increasingly crazy mixed up world.  So while we continue marching onward, keep looking up, for you redemption draws seriously close.


Prophecy Sign:  Rumors of War

US sends special forces to RUSSIAN BORDER as Nato is poised to strike back against Vladimir Putin’s ‘aggression’

100’s of US tanks, heavy equipment flows into Europe to counter ‘Russian aggression’

Elite US troops deployed to deter Russian aggression toward Lithuania as Baltic tensions rise

US Special Forces deployed at Russian border to defend Baltic states ‘scared to death’ by Vladimir Putin

Russia positions 55,000 troops by its border with Ukraine in latest sign of aggression by Putin as fears grow he is preparing for war 

Prophecy Sign:  Gog/Magog Alliance

After Obama, Israel should move closer to Moscow

Prophecy Sign:  Jerusalem and Israel - The Burdensome Stone

70 nations to gather in Paris to discuss creation of Palestinian state
The stated goal of this conference is to promote a “two-state solution” to the long-running Arab-Israel conflict. There is concern in Israel that whatever is agreed upon will immediately be used as the basis for a UN Security Council resolution that would permanently divide the land and create a Palestinian state. 

US and Jerusalem: Senators plan to recognize city as Israel's capital, relocate embassy

Obama administration set for one last strike at Israel

Obama sets the stage for another war in the Middle East

Prophecy Sign: Increased seismic and volcanic activity

The terrifying power of mega tsunamis: Video reveals how a wave could wipe out the ENTIRE east coast of the US - but it's unlikely to happen

NZ dubbed 'the groundbreaker' after record 32,000 quakes in 2016

Scientists warn: Super volcano has reached critical phase

The absolutely astonishing growth of major earthquakes in just one hundred years!
NASA says mysterious object hurtling towards Earth could be an asteroid or a comet

Prophecy Sign:  Increased Christian Persecution

Persecution 'Wake-Up Call': 2017 May Be Worse for Christians

2017 to Bring Rise in Violent Persecution of Christians Worldwide: Report

Prophecy Sign:  Increased Jewish Persecution

New Report: Some of 2016’s Worst Antisemitic Activity Took Place on British, Canadian Campuses

Venezuelan Jews are moving to Israel to escape deepening poverty

Prophecy Sign:  The final world empire - Kingdom of the Antichrist

Get ready for another year of global tumult

European Union collapse ‘no longer unthinkable’. German official says

A weakened Europe isn’t prepared for what 2017 may bring

Professor who predicted Brexit and Trump claims European Union will cease to exist in 2017

Prophecy Sign:  The coming global economic collapse

'The internet will shut down for 24 hours in 2017 causing financial markets to crash'

Global Debt Hits 325% of World GDP, Rises To Record $217 Trillion

Prophecy Sign:  Animal/Bird/Aquatic life swept away

Up to 20,000 dead fish, other animals wash up on Nova Scotia coast

Prophecy Sign:  The Strong Delusion - Return of the Nephilim, (Ancient Aliens)

E.T., My Brother: A Theology of Space Aliens

Alien life could be found in 2017, expert believes

Prophecy Sign:  Increased Knowledge - Genetic Manipulation, (Days of Noah)

CRISPR will be a huge story in 2017

Scientists May Soon Make 'Undo' Possible in Genetic Engineering

Increased Knowledge -  Robotics/Transhumanism

Meet 'Prosthesis', the terrifying 14ft-tall 'anti-robot' that can carry a human and run over 20mph almost SILENTLY

Prophecy Sign:  Pestilence, plagues and disease

Antibiotic resistance will hit a terrible tipping point in 2017

A zombie outbreak could come close to wiping out humanity in 100 days: Scientists reveal their tips to survive

Prophecy Sign:  Societal collapse

Goodbye cruel world: Professor predicts societal collapse in 2020s

Pediatricians condemn National Geographic over 9-year-old ‘trans’ child on January cover

FOX Comedy Features 6yo 'Trans' Boy Wearing Bondage Gag

Maybelline Follows in CoverGirl’s Footsteps and Hires a Male Spokesmodel

Urgent warning: 'Army of demons' on loose

Christ’s crucifixion might be ‘too distressing’ for some UK university students

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Signs of the Last Days - News for the week of December 24 - December 31, 2016

With a goodbye to the year 2016, we say hello to 2017.  Happy New Year to Everyone

One sure way to know just how close we are to the end, is by the frequency of all the endtimes prophecies coming to convergence at the same time.

When we look at all the headlines below, we can see a host of Last Days prophecies all seemingly coming to a head including such things as:

-  The Potential for mass biological plagues sweeping the earth and wiping out millions of people

-  Israel preparing for any manner of war, (biological, chemical, nuclear), against her hostile neighbors

-  Nations of the world converging against Israel in seeking to divide the Holy Land and Jerusalem even further

-  The breakup of the present world order which is setting the stage for the rise of the power blocs of the last day, (Kings of East, Gog/Magog Alliance, Kings of North and South)

- The rise of Russia, (Land of Magog), on the world stage and especially in the Middle-East

- The continued push to rebuild the Third Jewish Temple

- The increase in both seismic and volcanic activity across the globe

- The exponential increase in knowledge that has mankind on the precipice of genetically modifying both humans and animals, (As was the days of Noah)

- The continue increase in Christian persecution world wide.  The continued slide towards apostasy within much of Christendom.

- The increase in Godlessness and societal collapse.  The love of many will wax cold.

And all the above are just a recap of this weeks articles and links.  As we approach the soon return of Jesus Christ we can expect this convergence of prophecies to come to a singularity in the very near future.  That singularity being the rapture of the Church and the following seven years of Tribulation.

Keep looking up.  Your redemption draws very near.  See you in 2017

Prophecy Sign:  Pestilence, Plagues and Disease

Biological weapons of mass destruction with the ability to spread deadly diseases like Ebola and Zika 'could wipe out up to a fifth of the world's population'

There are more than 1 million viruses that we know absolutely nothing about

Prophecy Sign:  The future Middle-East war(s)

IDF Prepares for Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Warfare

Iranian Revolutionary Guards Spokesman: Settlements Will Spark War That Will Lead to Israel’s Destruction

Pakistan Threatens Nuclear Attack On Israel

Hamas: Israel has become a burden to the world

Prophecy Sign:  Jerusalem & Israel - The Burdensome Stone

John Kerry Unveils His Plan For A Palestinian State Based Upon 1967 Borders With East Jerusalem As The Capital

Jimmy Carter to Obama: Grant Recognition to ‘State of Palestine’ at UN

With the two-state solution a distant dream, Palestinians ask if it's time to push for a one-state solution

In strong attack on Israel, German foreign minister says settlements jeopardize peace

Chief rabbi: US has forsaken Israel, we can trust only in the Lord

Netanyahu 'told New Zealand backing UN vote would be declaration of war'

Circle January 15th: 70 Nations Will Gather In Paris To Discuss The Creation Of A Palestinian State

France to convene Middle East peace conference on Jan. 15

Prophecy Sign:  Rumors of War

World War 3 tensions rise as China sends WAR FLEET towards Taiwan

China's 1st aircraft carrier sails into South China Sea

India tests nuclear-capable ICBM

Iran plans to build aircraft carrier, boost naval warfare capabilities

Prophecy Sign:  The New World Order - Coming global governance

Dawn of the New World Order: 2017 will be the year EVERYTHING changes

Europe 2017: Brexit, Far-Right surging, Russian Threat

Prophecy Sign:  The Third Jewish Temple

The First Step towards Building the Third Temple: A Synagogue on the Temple Mount

Prophecy Sign:  Days of Noah - Genetic Manipulation

The UN Just Gave Scientists the Green Light to Mess With Natural Selection

Can Aging be Prevented by Nanotechnology?

Messing with genes could WIPE OUT geniuses from the earth

Could we soon 'upgrade' our bodies? Extreme bionics will create modular superhumans

Prophecy Sign:  Return of the Nephilim - Ancient Alien Deception

2017 could be the year we FINALLY confirm ET existence, say experts

Interstellar messaging project aims to contact extraterrestrial life 

Prophecy Sign:  Increased Seismic & Volcanic Activity

Fears of BIG ONE coming as US hit by EIGHT tremors in an hour

Huge hole in the ocean floor near Australia could cause catastrophic earthquakes and tsunamis

13 different volcanoes are currently erupting – And it’s not near to an end

Mexico's Colima volcano erupts, making 1.5 mile ash plume

Alaska volcano erupts, sends up ash cloud

Prophecy Sign:  Christian Apostasy and Persecution

United Methodist Church Calls for 75-Week 'Focused Prayer' on Homosexuality Debate

Italian Priest Dresses Virgin Mary in Burqa for Nativity Scene

1 Christian killed for their faith every 6 minutes in 2016 – study

Latest violence has Christians across Middle East fearing bleak future for themselves in region

Few answers as Chicago hit with worst violence in nearly 20 years

Violent crime in L.A. jumps for third straight year as police deal with gang, homeless issues