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Dystopia Now! — Surveillance Through Vaccine Certificates, Digital IDs, and Biometric Data

So think back long ago; You know, like 12 months ago when this Covid thing was just a news item on the bottom scroller of your favorite news channel. It was about some new Chinese virus on the loose in a city in China that most people never heard of or could care less about. Well one year later that little virus has done more to change the world than anything since World War Two. Think that may be an exaggeration? Well consider that over this past year, the world has gone into complete lockdown mode; you have very little freedom to travel beyond your boundaries, you may soon have to take a mandatory vaccination, small businesses are being crushed under the Covid rules, governments have been tossing out trillions of dollars like it were confetti, and soon we may have a brand new global economic system, (The Great Reset), curtesy of a bunch of globalists taking advantage of a virus. And while all this is happening, the authorities have this wonderful new way of keeping an eye on you to e

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