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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Religious hatred, wealth inequality top global threat poll

Prophecy Sign:  The rise of the Antichrist

A great many people worldwide are either concerned about growing religious hatred or economic inequality.  Other concerns included nuclear war, environmental concerns and infectious disease outbreaks. These are all global issues that the world is looking for solutions to, and for someone to step forward with the answers.

The bible tells us that just such a person will emerge on the scene with seemingly all the answers. This person will be able to once and for all negotiate peace in the middle-east, will implement a brand new economic world order, will bring all faiths together under one umbrella.  To the world it will seem that the long awaited messiah will have arrived, (Buddha Maitreya, Muslim Mahdi, Judaism Messiah, Christian Christ).  However this person will be a false Messiah, (the Antichrist), and his utopian ideals will quickly change to that of war and destruction.

In the latter part of their reign, when rebels have become completely wicked, a fierce-looking king, a master of intrigue, will arise. He will become very strong, but not by his own power. He will cause astounding devastation and will succeed in whatever he does. He will destroy those who are mighty, the holy people. Daniel 8:23-24 NIV

Religious hatred, wealth inequality top global threat poll
Middle Easterners see religious and ethnic hatred as the top global threat, according to a Pew survey published last week. Meanwhile in Europe, fear of inequality prevails. However, religious hatred is seen as a growing threat throughout the world. The survey, conducted in 44 countries among 48,643 respondents between March 17 and June 5 this year, provided respondents with five options to choose from: inequality, nuclear weapons, ethnic and religious hatred, pollution and environment, or AIDS and other infectious diseases.
The Pew study suggests that global threats are viewed through a regional lens. Meaning, dangers closer to home are seen as more frightening. Out of the seven Middle Eastern countries surveyed, five ranked religious and ethnic hatred as the top threat. Respondents in Lebanon showed the highest level of concern about religious hatred; 58 percent selected it as the greatest threat.
Fear of religious hatred is also predominant in other parts of the Middle East, including Israel, the Palestinian territories, Tunisia and Egypt. The survey found that Europeans ranked inequality as the greatest threat. Generally, countries with advanced economies saw major danger in the gap between rich and poor. Americans, too, identified inequality as the biggest threat, followed closely by ethnic and religious hatred and nuclear weapons. Meanwhile, those in Africa, where the HIV infection rate is much higher than the global average, marked infectious diseases and AIDS as the top threat.

Large earthquakes have risen by over 450% since 1900 but that’s not the whole story!

Prophecy Sign:  Earthquakes in diverse places

Large earthquakes have been on the increase for a century and the earths magnetic field is due for a pole shift.  Sounds like the earth is getting close to a date with destiny, (that great and terrible day of the Lord - the Tribulation).

The earth reels like a drunkard, it sways like a hut in the wind; so heavy upon it is the guilt of its rebellion that it falls--never to rise again. Isaiah 24:20 NIV

Large earthquakes have risen by over 450% since 1900 but that’s not the whole story!

We are often told earthquakes have increased but without the actual facts, so I have done some number crunching and gone all the way back to 1900 to the present day, you might find what I have discovered interesting!  I accessed the earthquake information web-site USGS and downloaded every quake of a magnitude 6 or greater and fed the information into a series of graphs, the results as you can see above are outstanding! In the year 1900 our planet recorded 22 earthquakes of M6. or greater, 9 were between M6 to 6.9, 13 were between M7 to 7.9. Exactly 100 years later in the year 2000 our planet recorded a staggering 173 earthquakes of M6. or greater, of which 158 were between M6 to 6.9 and  15 above M6.9. I know many of you at this point will be thinking yes but the technology is better now and we probably have more monitors, well yes I would agree but for another staggering fact, only magnitude 6 to 6.9 have increased, earthquakes of magnitude 7 to 9.9 have remained incredibly stable.

The Earth's Magnetic Field Could Flip Within Our Lifetime
Earth's magnetic field is constantly shifting, and roughly every 200,000 to 300,000 years it flips north and south completely. We're currently overdue for a switcheroo—and scientists now say it could happen in a time as short as 100 years, potentially altering life in unexpected ways. It was long thought that these reversals took as many as 7,000 years to completely switch, according to a 2004 study funded by the National Science Foundation. But over the past few years, other scientists have suggested that the shifts have occurred at speeds previously unimagined. And a brand-new study published in the Geophysical Journal International by a team of scientists from Europe and the U.S. sheds even more light on these speedy changes—suggesting that the last 180-degree flip only took about 100 years.

Iran’s Red Line: Centrifuges for 38 A-Bombs Per Year

Prophecy Sign:  The future Middle-East wars - Iran, (Persia/Elam)

With ISIS making all the news of late, the issue of Iran's nuclear ambitions has been sitting on the backburner.  But that may all change very rapidly in the next weeks as the November deadline for an agreement between Iran and the P5+1 nations fast approaches.  As for Israel, the Jewish State is greatly concerned that a bad deal is in the works, which may mean Israel will finally take matters into her own hand, (perhaps a unilateral strike against the Iranian nuclear program).

A prophecy in the book of Jeremiah refers to a region of present day Iran, (Elam), which houses the Iranian nuclear program. In the prophecy we are told that the military might of Elam is destroyed with many citizens of the nation being scattered across the globe, (nuclear fallout?).

This is what the LORD Almighty says: "See, I will break the bow of Elam, the mainstay of their might. I will bring against Elam the four winds from the four quarters of heaven; I will scatter them to the four winds, and there will not be a nation where Elam's exiles do not go. Jeremiah 49:35-36 NIV

Iran’s Red Line: Centrifuges for 38 A-Bombs Per Year
With the self-imposed deadline of November 24 looming over the negotiations between the P5+1 (the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany) and Iran, Ayatollah Khamenei, Iran’s Supreme Leader and effective ruler, tweeted a graphic last week which outlined Iran’s 11 “Red Lines for Nuclear Talks.” These included a "red line" of retaining enough centrifuge capacity to produce approximately 38 uranium nuclear bombs per year. This is Red Line 8, which says: “Supplying the final need of the country’s enrichment capacity which is 190 SWUs.”

Netanyahu warns world powers: A nuclear threshold Iran is a bigger threat than ISIS
In an indication of the degree to which Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is concerned about the direction the world’s negotiations with Iran are going, he used the naming of an entrance into Jerusalem on Sunday to warn of the danger of the Islamic Republic becoming a nuclear threshold state. “We are standing before the danger of an agreement [between the world powers and Iran] that will leave Iran as a nuclear threshold state, with thousands of centrifuges through which Iran can manufacture the material for a nuclear bomb within a short period of time,” he said at the naming of Road No. 9 into Jerusalem near Motza after former prime minister Yitzhak Shamir.

Emerging ‘bad deal’ with Iran puts Israel on offensive
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continued in private meetings on Monday to express concern about an emerging “bad deal” between the world powers and Iran, a clear sign that his discussion with US President Barack Obama in Washington three weeks ago left him unconvinced. Netanyahu repeated in private discussions on Monday the warning he gave publicly on Sunday – that an agreement is emerging that would “leave Iran as a nuclear threshold state, with thousands of centrifuges through which Iran can manufacture the material for a nuclear bomb within a short period of time.”

Pope Francis: 'God is not afraid of new things'

Prophecy Sign:  The last days Church, (growing apostasy)

If you are found waffling on a issue or refuse to give a clear definitive answer, you should and will be called upon it.  Such is the case with many Christian leaders who refuse to call sin, sin and refuse to make it clear whether they stand by biblical doctrine or whether they have ditched sound doctrine in order to south the ears of the offended. The head Pastor of the Hillsong mega Churches found this out for himself this past week.

As for the Pope, he just found out that he is not so infallible after all, and that even his edicts and leanings will not go unchallenged if they go against long held Catholic church doctrine.

All of this shows how wishy-washy a large segment of Christendom is becoming in its haste to become more relevant and tolerant to the masses of unbelievers.  Doctrine is being tossed aside or disregarded in favor of sweet nothings that appeal to the carnal mind.  This is a clear sign of the last days church.

For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. 2 Timothy 4:3 NIV

Pope Francis: 'God is not afraid of new things'
Pope Francis on Sunday, as he beatified Pope Paul VI who implemented the Second Vatican Council's vast changes, called on the church to adapt to "changing conditions of society." His remarks took on added meaning as the bishops ended a two-week conference by rejecting landmark wording that would soften the church's stance toward homosexuality and divorce. "God is not afraid of new things," Francis pointedly said during the beatification Mass. Whether the document issued Saturday by the bishops is viewed as a setback for the pope, the conference did show the church can discuss difficult topics — such as the role of gays, lesbians and divorced Catholics. It also exposed a wide rift between conservative and liberal-minded leaders.

'From Catholic Church to Agnostic Church'

Catholic Bishops Scrap Welcome To Gays
Catholic bishops scrapped their landmark welcome to gays Saturday, showing deep divisions at the end of a two-week meeting sought by Pope Francis to chart a more merciful approach to ministering to Catholic families. The bishops failed to approve even a watered-down section on ministering to homosexuals that stripped away the welcoming tone of acceptance contained in a draft document earlier in the week. Rather than considering gays as individuals who had gifts to offer the church, the revised paragraph referred to homosexuality as one of the problems Catholic families have to confront. It said "people with homosexual tendencies must be welcomed with respect and delicacy," but repeated church teaching that marriage is only between man and woman. The paragraph failed to reach the two-thirds majority needed to pass.

Founder of Aussie Mega-Church Hillsong Won't Take A Public Stand on Gay Marriage
Australian-based mega-church/brand Hillsong is refusing to take a public stand on the issue of same-sex marriage saying that it is an "ongoing conversation" within the church. Speaking at a press conference Thursday in New York for his church's conference, founder and pastor Brian Houston was asked by a New York Times reporter to clarify his position on same-sex marriage. Because Houston's churches have now reached New York and California, NYT's Michael Paulson wondered if Houston's pastors will conduct same-sex ceremonies. Avoiding a direct answer, Houston responded by saying that in an ever-changing world, his goal is to remain "relevant" and not become a "pariah:"

Hillsong Pastor Re-Affirms Stance on Gay Marriage
Brian Houston, pastor of Hillsong Church in Sydney, Australia, has issued a statement re-affirming his traditional position on same-sex marriage. Houston's reaction follows his appearance Thursday at a news conference in New York City that gave rise to media reports suggesting Houston had a "shift in tone on gay marriage." The mega-church pastor was in New York for a Hillsong conference at Madison Square Garden. "I encourage people not to assume a media headline accurately represents what I said at a recent press conference. Nowhere in my answer did I diminish biblical truth or suggest that I or Hillsong Church supported gay marriage," Houston said in a statement published by the Christian Post. 

World War 3: Vladimir Putin Threatens West with Russia’s 5,000 Nuclear Warheads

Prophecy Sign:  Rumors of War

Threatening the West with nuclear Armageddon, as Russia's Vladimir Putin is doing, definitely fits the definition of a 'rumor of war'.  

When you hear of wars and uprisings, do not be frightened. These things must happen first, but the end will not come right away. Luke 21:9 NIV

World War 3: Vladimir Putin Threatens West with Russia’s 5,000 Nuclear Warheads
Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has threatened the West with his country’s 5,000 nuclear warheads. Putin has raised the specter of nuclear war for the third time in the past two months as he and Western countries such as the United States clash over the Ukraine conflict, which has been bringing to light other deep-seated animosity. Putin made his latest comments while enroute to the annual Asia-Europe Meeting in Milan, a summit of 50 nations. “We hope that our partners will realize the recklessness of attempts to blackmail Russia, and will remember the risks that a spat between major nuclear powers means for strategic stability,” Putin told Serbian newspaper Politika. “He’s again threatened the West with nuclear weapons,” John Besemeres, a Russia expert at the ANU, told the Sydney Morning Herald. “It seems like a masturbatory fantasy he can’t go without.”

Christian school 'downgraded for failing to invite an imam to lead assembly'

Prophecy Sign:  Christian persecution/marginalization 

Christians that refuse to accept the contemporary world edict of what is to be tolerated and accepted without question, (eg homosexuality, transgenderism, etc), will find that their viewpoints and beliefs will be considered intolerable and will be persecuted for those beliefs.  This will only get worse as the world continues to slide into increasing godlessness as we approach the coming time of Tribulation.

You will be betrayed even by parents, brothers and sisters, relatives and friends, and they will put some of you to death. Everyone will hate you because of me. Luke 21:16-17 NIV

Christian school 'downgraded for failing to invite an imam to lead assembly'
A successful Christian school has been warned it is to be downgraded by inspectors and could even face closure after failing to invite a leader from another religion, such as an imam, to lead assemblies, it is claimed. The small independent school in the Home Counties was told it is in breach of new rules intended to promote “British values” such as individual liberty and tolerance in the wake of the Trojan Horse scandal, involving infiltration by hard-line Muslim groups in Birmingham. Details of the case are disclosed in a letter to the Education Secretary, Nicky Morgan, from the Christian Institute, which is providing legal support to the school. The group warned that the new rules intended to combat extremism are already having “disturbing consequences” for religious schools and forcing Ofsted inspectors to act in a way which undermines their ethos.

ADF Unimpressed by Houston's 'Revised' Subpoenas
Houston city attorneys have backed off a request to obtain sermons from local clergymen. They've refused, however, to withdraw subpoenas seeking other information from five Houston pastors who publicly opposed an ordinance banning discrimination against gay and transgender residents. Mayor Annise Parker said Friday that the word "sermons" is being deleted from the subpoenas. Parker said she believes the demand for other speeches or presentations related to a petition drive to repeal the city's equal rights ordinance is appropriate.

Is Federal 'Leviathan' Pushing This 'Mark of the Beast' on Christians?
So what is this mark of the beast today? That's easy. It's the gay rainbow. This is the rainbow Big Gay has stolen from the Bible and from the church and turned into its own twisted symbol of perversion. Anyone who does not plaster homosexual rainbow stickers all over himself, his resume and the windows of his business will have his or her commercial interests terminated with extreme prejudice. 
The mark is on the "hand," referring to what a man does, and it is on the "forehead," referring to the way he thinks. It will not be enough simply to do what the Gay Gestapo demands; men will be forced to think politically correct thoughts about sodomy or face termination. Legislation is even now under consideration—the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA)—which will codify the mark of the beast and use the power of the federal leviathan to impose it tyrannically on the populace.

Govt tells Christian ministers: Perform same-sex weddings or face jail, fines
Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys filed a federal lawsuit and a motion for a temporary restraining order Friday to stop officials in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, from forcing two ordained Christian ministers to perform wedding ceremonies for same-sex couples. City officials told Donald Knapp that he and his wife Evelyn, both ordained ministers who run Hitching Post Wedding Chapel, are required to perform such ceremonies or face months in jail and/or thousands of dollars in fines. The city claims its “non-discrimination” ordinance requires the Knapps to perform same-sex wedding ceremonies now that the courts have overridden Idaho’s voter-approved constitutional amendment that affirmed marriage as the union of a man and a woman.

Rat City! NY vermin carry 18 new viruses - scientists

Prophecy Sign:  Pestilence, plagues, disease

Ebola came about as a disease passed on to humans from primates.  Many other diseases that have become plagues were also first transmitted to humans from animals, (Black Plague and rats for instance).  Now reports from public health scientists are sounding the alarm that New York City rats could be carrying as many as 18 new viruses, never before encountered.

Bible prophecy warns that during the coming Tribulation, many people will die from plagues and from the wild beast of the earth, (which could be a suggestion of viral diseases passed on to humans from animal life).

I looked, and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was named Death, and Hades was following close behind him. They were given power over a fourth of the earth to kill by sword, famine and plague, and by the wild beasts of the earth. Revelation 6:8 NIV

Rat City! NY vermin carry 18 new viruses - scientists
A new study has found that New York City’s rats are hosts to at least 18 new viruses, never before encountered and unknown to science. There is a risk of a “a public health nightmare.” The research was conducted by a team from Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health, who analyzed viruses in Manhattan rats. “Everybody’s looking all over the world, in all sorts of exotic places, including us. But nobody’s looking right under our noses,” Ian Lipkin, a professor of neurology and pathology at Columbia, told the New York Times. The initial report was published in mBio magazine on Tuesday and focused on 133 rats scientists had analyzed that had demonstrated a variety of pathogens. Some of them transmit food-borne diseases, and some, like Seoul Hantavirus, have never been seen in New York before. Finally, there are at least 18 completely new pathogens to science.

Red Cross president: 'The Ebola crisis will grow'
The head of the International Red Cross is warning that the Ebola crisis will likely only get worse with the real threat of a "global health catastrophe." “The Ebola crisis will grow," Peter Maurer, president of the International Committee of the Red Cross, told Yahoo News Deutschland. "Until now, there is no vaccine on-site, and more and more people die.” The outbreak, which has already infected 8,997 people and killed 4,493 in West Africa, is an “epidemic of global dimension and global threat," Maurer said.

Mutant Ebola warning: Leading U.S. scientist warns deadly virus is already changing to become more contagious
The deadly Ebola virus could be mutating to become even more contagious, a leading U.S scientist has warned. The disease has killed nearly 4,000 people, infecting in excess of 8,000 - the majority in the West African nations of Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia. Communities lie in ruins, thousands of children have been orphaned, millions face starvation but the virus continues its unprecedented pace, invading and destroying vast swathes of these countries.  Meanwhile three nurses, two in the U.S. and one in Spain have caught the infection while treating Ebola patients, despite wearing protective suits. Now U.S. scientist Peter Jahrling of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease believes the current Ebola outbreak may be caused by an infection that spreads more easily than it did before. 

Top Scientist: This Version Of Ebola Looks Like ‘A Very Different Bug’

Thousands of children orphaned by Ebola outbreak

Nine real technologies that will soon be inside you

Prophecy Sign:  Increase in knowledge, (Transhumanism)

Humanity is fast approaching a time when it will be possible to change ourselves from that of a creation of God to a corrupted creation of our own making. Through the means of genetic manipulation or technological augmentation, humankind seeks to become Transhuman.  This is all part of the same lie of Satan that was uttered to Eve in the garden - that we can all become like God, (Genesis 3:5).
We believe that this transition from a creation of God to a creation of self, will play a significant role in the coming "Mark of the Beast", as the future Antichrist will offer mankind the ability to enter a new paradigm as Humanity 2.0, (no longer the creation of God and thus unredeemable).  

But you, Daniel, keep this prophecy a secret; seal up the book until the time of the end, when many will rush here and there, and knowledge will increase. Daniel 12:4 NLT

Nine real technologies that will soon be inside you
Given the frenzy of interest following the announcement of the Apple Watch, you might think wearables will be the next really important shift in technology. Not so. Wearables will have their moment in the sun, but they're simply a transition technology. Technology will move from existing outside our bodies to residing inside us. That's the next big frontier. Here are nine signs that implantable tech is here now, growing rapidly, and that it will be part of your life (and your body) in the near future.
Implantable smartphones
Healing chips
Cyber pills that talk to your doctor
Bill Gates' implantable birth control
Smart tattoos
Brain-computer interface
Meltable bio-batteries
Smart dust
The verified self

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Sixty Days To Beat Ebola, United Nations Warns

Prophecy Sign:  Pestilence, plague and disease

I looked, and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was named Death, and Hades was following close behind him. They were given power over a fourth of the earth to kill by sword, famine and plague, and by the wild beasts of the earth. Revelation 6:8 NIV

Sixty Days To Beat Ebola, United Nations Warns
The UN says the ebola outbreak must be controlled within 60 days or else the world faces an "unprecedented" situation for which there is no plan. The United Nations made the stark warning as it warned that the disease "is running faster than us and it is winning the race". Nearly 9,000 cases of ebola have been reported so far in West Africa, including 4,447 deaths.

Purdue professor says Ebola 'primed' to go airborne
The first case of Ebola transmitted between patients in America has experts across the country reviewing safety protocols. At Purdue University, Dr. David Sanders has been studying the virus since 2003 – specifically how this particular Zaire strain of Ebola enters human cells. While the virus has thus far only been shown to be transferred via bodily fluids, Sanders argues that it could become airborne. "It can enter the lung from the airway side," Sanders said. "So this argues that Ebola is primed to have respiratory transmission.

WHO: 10,000 new Ebola cases per week could be seen
West Africa could face up to 10,000 new Ebola cases a week within two months, the World Health Organization warned Tuesday, adding that the death rate in the current outbreak has risen to 70 percent. WHO assistant director-general Dr. Bruce Aylward gave the grim figures during a news conference in Geneva. Previously, the agency had estimated the Ebola mortality rate at around 50 percent overall. In contrast, in events such as flu pandemics, the death rate is typically under 2 percent.

A top scientist worries that Ebola has mutated to become more contagious

The ominous math of the Ebola epidemic

WHO calls Ebola modern world's worst health crisis

U.N. chief demands Israel scrap East Jerusalem settlement plan

Prophecy Sign:  Dividing the Holy Land

I will gather all nations and bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat. There I will put them on trial for what they did to my inheritance, my people Israel, because they scattered my people among the nations and divided up my land. Joel 3:2 NIV

U.N. chief demands Israel scrap East Jerusalem settlement plan
U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called on Israel on Monday to scrap plans to expand settlements in East Jerusalem, which Palestinians want as the capital of a future state, and urged both sides to return rapidly to peace talks. Israel captured the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem in the 1967 Middle East War and annexed the city's eastern half in a move not recognized internationally. Palestinians seek to establish statehood in the three territories, while Israel considers Jerusalem its eternal and indivisible capital.

British parliament votes in favor of recognizing Palestine
After a four-hour debate during which over 50 MPs spoke, the British Parliament overwhelmingly voted in favor of the government recognizing Palestine as a state on Monday night. The ayes had it when 274 MPs voted to adopt the non-binding motion and only 12 voted against it. The original motion stipulated that "this House believes that the government should recognize the state of Palestine alongside the state of Israel." During the debate it was amended to include the words "as a contribution to securing a negotiated two-state solution."  Prime Minister David Cameron and his government ministers abstained from the vote, which was called by an opposition lawmaker, and Cameron's spokesman earlier said foreign policy would not be affected whatever the outcome.

Report: Spanish parliament to vote on Palestinian state recognition
The Spanish parliament is reportedly slated to vote on recognizing Palestinian statehood following suit of British lawmakers earlier in the week, according to Al Arabiya on Thursday. The report came following a vote in Britain’s House of Commons on Monday in favor of recognizing a Palestinian state alongside Israel.

EU set to reassess ties if Israel doesn't move on peace
The European Union is inconspicuously but determinedly threatening to reevaluate bilateral ties with Israel if the Netanyahu government fails to make progress toward a two-state solution and continues its current policy of allowing construction beyond the pre-1967 lines. The EU’s new policy has gone largely unnoticed due to this summer’s Operation Protective Edge, but EU officials are already busy at work on a set of sanctions against Israel that Brussels could enact whenever the union’s political echelon gives a green light. Indeed, some in the EU are currently considering implementing a mechanism that would immediately penalize Israel for every step deemed unhelpful to the peace process (such as settlement expansion), a senior European diplomat told The Times of Israel. 

Sweden close to being cashless society: report

Prophecy Sign:  The coming cashless society

It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads,  so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name. Revelation 13:16-17 NIV

Sweden close to being cashless society: report
Four out of five purchases in Sweden are made electronically or by debit card. With the development of cheaper technology, the country is moving towards a cash free society, according to a new report.  "Sweden and the rest of Scandinavia leads the world in terms of cashless trading," said Bengt Nilervall at the Swedish Federation of Trade (Svensk Handel).  Swedes use their debit and credit cards almost every day - an average of 260 transactions per person per year. The picture is very different in southern Europe. In Italy, for example, three-quarters of all consumer purchases are still paid for in cash. "That is due to the low confidence in the authorities and the banking system," said Niklas Arvidsson, an associate professor of industrial dynamics. Arvidsson argued that Sweden could become completely cash free but predicts that this development is unlikely until at least 2030.

Reports of Witchcraft-Related Child Abuse On the Rise in London

Prophecy Sign:  Increasing occult and demonic activity and worship

The rest of mankind who were not killed by these plagues still did not repent of the work of their hands; they did not stop worshiping demons, and idols of gold, silver, bronze, stone and wood—idols that cannot see or hear or walk. Revelation 9:20 NIV

Reports of Witchcraft-Related Child Abuse On the Rise in London
"To most people accusations of witchcraft may seem so bizarre that they say, 'It can't possibly be happening,'" Detective Superintendent Terry Sharpe said. "But the more you come to learn about the cultures and beliefs of other communities, particularly as now they're moving all around the world, the more people learn about it and have the confidence to report it." Sharpe is head of the Metropolitan Police’s Project Violet, the team tasked with tackling this form of abuse. He said authorities have little idea about how many cases continue to go unpunished. The 27 cases already reported this year are "purely scratching the surface," according to the CCPAS' Pull.

Teenage girl cuts off her playmate’s fingers with an axe for sacrifice to Satan
A teenager cut off her playmate’s fingers with an axe because she wanted to make a sacrifice to Satan. Alena Skrivankova, 15, from the city of Brno in the south of the Czech Republic, had taken Jitka Svehlova, 10, to a nearby wood after telling the girl's parents they were going out to play. But as soon as they were out of sight she strapped the unwitting girl to a tree and then hacked her fingers off with an axe she had hidden in her backpack. A police spokesman said: "Somehow the younger girl managed to escape and her horrified parents called the police. "When officers arrived at the scene they found the older girl sitting on the ground with the axe in one hand and the severed fingers in the other. "This is a deeply disturbing case." The girl was taken away for psychiatric assessment. 

Satanic Group Wants To Put Display In Capitol Rotunda Showing Devil Descending Into Hell
A Satanic group wants to put up a holiday display in Florida’s Capitol rotunda that shows the devil descending into hell. The Broward-Palm Beach New Times reports that the Florida Department of Management Services banned the Satanic Temple’s holiday display last year because they deemed it “grossly offensive for the holidays.” Americans United for Separation of Church and State sent a letter to state officials this week telling them they cannot ban the Satanic group from putting up the display.